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come in - for people received AIP but waiting for DM on PA side

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by candiceteng, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. what do you "cancelled"? Did you order the Notes?
  2. Yes I ordered my notes and my first notes says criminality pass
    Security not started
    Second notes say
    Criminality in process
    Security cancelled
    I dont know why my criminality pass and then again in process untill now
    Security has bot started yet
    Im scared as I already pass 13 months
    Now file is in Etobicoke for workshare and working on my (pa) eligibility
  3. How do you know that your case is in Etobicoke?
    As they are processing your case over 1 year, i believe you will receive some good news for sure!!
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  4. Thanks i hope so
    Yeah I ordered notes and it says transferred for workshare
  5. Whats your status in ECAS?
  6. Sponsor side DM
    and PA in process
  7. Since the day you receive AIP or has been updated recently?
  8. No the day i got SA from Vancouver they started reviewing PA eligibility and after two days they transferred to Etobicoke for workshare
    Untill now no update
    SA may 22
    Transferred 25 may
    No update since
    Ordered notes thwy didnt touch my file after transfer
  9. They can start SS for lots of reasons including: PA travels a lot, or/and PA is a citizen of a country that has a high level of terrorism/ corruption etc, or/and religion, anything suspicious to them can cause a SS
  10. I hope it will be over soon but i dont find the reason why they didn’t started yet as already pass 13 months
    Before they started then they cancelled now again no clue in notes
  11. I think your situation is now: the delay is with eligibility review not the background check
    Are u applying as married or common law? If you are married did you follow your home country traditions and celebrations etc?
    Is there any red flag in your file?
  12. I did follow my tradition
    As married
    No red flags as far as i know
    I hope its going to be ok soon
  13. How long have you dated your partner before getting married? Did you marry after a very short period? Is there any big difference in age/background etc?
    Just giving u examples because anything can be the reason for this delay.
    I hope all the best for you and I wish you hear any good news soon
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  14. 2 years before marriage almost 3 years together
    Age difference 3 months
    She converted to Muslims
    Im from Pakistan
    Hope all is good
    I see notes it says proof on file must submit more and i have all ready just waiting for them to ask
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  15. Being a Pakistani can trigger SS but I hope that wouldn't be the case for you

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