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come in - for people received AIP but waiting for DM on PA side

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by candiceteng, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I know lots of 2018 applications already received PR card, but i believe that there is a small group of people still waiting for update/DM after receiving AIP. Please share your timeline and lets pray to receive good news in July!!

    Oct applicant
    4.3 ghost update
    5.4 AIP
    5.10 SA
    I am going to call them for any updates even i bother them 4 times.

    Any comments are welcomed
  2. Are you saying you will call them 4 times a day for updates?? :eek:
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    I got DM both sides on ecas but frankly I don’t think it actually means anything. I called IRCC and they told me that no decision had been made and I just had to keep waiting. No line in ecas to say a decision had been made and no actual DM letter.

    Got DM the same day as AIP, so maybe someone hit the wrong button or something? GCKEY never updated to reflect anything had completed, not even eligibility, even though I can see the eligibility letter at the bottom of the screen right underneath where it still says “we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements,” sigh.

    August 2018 applicant. Pretty frustrated, to be honest.
  4. Sa May 10. AIP few days ago. Waiting for dm on pa side.
  5. Sry, i meant i called them 4 times since March this year. How dare me call them 4 times a day .. :)
  6. Im so sry, but I've never heard this situation before. Technically people receive either DM letter or landing paper right after DM on both sides on ECAS. Did you call CIC recently? Hope you can receive a good new
  7. Whats your timeline? Are you Oct applicant ?
  8. AIP mean it has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements for permanent resident status, however, a final decision will not be made until all remaining requirements for becoming a permanent resident have been met like pass medical and background checks.
  9. I spoke to an agent and he informed that they are processing my security check which is the only thing that has not finished yet. Bases on my research, whoever get stuck after AIP might in security screening which might take 6-12 months to finish :(
  10. Are u dealing with CBSA?
    Have u ever been out of status?
    If not then why they start SS for u
  11. Never. I ever dont understand why they start SS for me.
  12. How did you find out they you are in SS?
  13. Mine is not started and it says cancelled
    I dont know what that means
  14. I called them regarding for a ghost update and was informed that it was for SS and the SS has been processing around 3 months since started :(

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