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Co-op work term & permit questions...


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Jan 6, 2020

First of all thanks for clicking on my question link...here goes:

I am currently on co-op work term from this Jan. Here are my questions:

1) While in co-op work term can a student work 40 hours (full time with co-op work permit) and 20 hours part time (with study permit work allowance) ?

2) is there a maximum number of hours one can work while on co-op work term? meaning is 40 hours max or the sky is the limit (or in this case the number of hours in a week) ?

3) if i am on co-op and i also take just one course from college/Uni, can i still work the maximum allowed
hours (referenced in question 1 & 2) while in co-op and also being part time student ?

4) If a person is not in co-op or could not find co-op, can they then work the maximum number of hours allowed? and what would be the maximum allowed in this case (40 or even more i.e. upto the max number of hours in a week) ?

5) if a person can not find co-op, and it is the designated break semester (which is in winter term) and also taking a course from college, can they still work full time or will the regular 20 hour max work hour restriction apply.....Considering they are taking a course from college (which makes them also part time student)?

Thanks if people can reply with short answers and hopefully any valid reference links to back this up.

Have a nice day !