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Co-Op semester and Full Time Job | Urgent

Discussion in 'International Students' started by aniruddhabhatt, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Hello awesome people,

    I have a couple immediate queries about accepting the job offer I have in hand..

    Background | Presently on a Study Permit,
    Completing 1 year graduate certificate in December 2018, after co-op semester (Sep-Dec 2018)
    1.5 years of Work Experience (India) and a B.Tech degree.
    IELTS General score (CLB9)

    I just received a (Permanent, as it does not have an end date) Job offer for IT Business Analyst, which I plan to sign and start working Full Time Sep 2018 onward on a co-op work permit.

    I am concerned whether I can accept this offer?, as I won't be able to work full time after my co-op work permit ends on December 14, till the time I apply for my Open Work permit. i heard it usually takes 10-20 days after the coop semester to receive the graduation letter, and that's when I can apply for the Work Permit. I just don't want this to be a problem when I apply for my work permit, and PR after a couple of months.

    When I communicated this to the hiring staff of the company, they said we'll help you with this by ending this offer on December 14 and revising the offer letter than. They are being considerate as I have been working part-time with the company since march already, so they want to hire me as a full-time permanent employee.

    Any insights on this would be super-helpful.

    Thank you!
  2. I am not sure and some companies might not do, but one thing you can do is that after Dec 14. you can request them to pay you for part-time hours and also in the meantime request your college to give you the final transcript so that you can apply for the work permit. Once the work permit process gets started you can ask them to pay for full-time hours and rest of the pending money.
    Also once you get a permanent contract in your hands, you have strong chances to keep the job
  3. Hey Saurabh, Thank you for the prompt reply!

    I can make those adjustments with the company. My only concern is, Can I accept the permanent job offer right now, when I am on a limited-time work permit at the moment (i.e. 4 months- coop work permit) ? I am doubtful if it'll reflect badly on the applications of open work permit and PR, after December.
  4. Hi
    My understanding, there no harm to accept the job offer. But make sure you make the adjustments. You really don't have to show the job offer at the time when you apply for the open permit. Or Another option you can go for is LMIA. Better check out for this with a lawyer.
  5. Awesome, thanks again! I'll accept he job offer then. I understand that I don't have to show the offer letter, I was just worried that it might reflect in service records that they maintain at servicecanada.ca or something..maybe I am just overthinking :)

    Is LMIA easy to score, even for the employer ? any idea ?
  6. Well, I am not really sure. I guess you wanna call cic on that.
  7. Cool, I'll do that. (Let me find the phone number to reach them at!)

    Thanks again, really helpful!
  8. I dont understand your suggestion: are you suggesting that OP work full time illegally then once they can work full time be paid those hours? that is still illegal work, I would not do it. If you are allowed to work part-time, do so until you are able to work full time again (and be paid accordingly for the part-time work).

    Also, if the co-op permit ends on Dec 14th, how would OP be able to keep working? Even in part time capacity? Is this implied status?
  9. I am not sure what is illegal or legal to work but It is more sort of understanding between the company and employee. And Again like I have said it in these previous posts, this is my understanding of the matter, not a legal advice.
  10. If OP is only allowed to work part-time as per their co-op permit, then working more than 20 hours/week would be illegal.

    It does not matter if the company agrees or not, it remains illegal to work more than their permit would allow. As well, if the permit expires on Dec 14, they should not work after that (unless they have implied status, of which I am not sure, I don't know the details of co-op work permits).
  11. Hi EstherBarros,

    I am the OP, and from what I know:
    1. One is allowed to work full-time on co-op work permit.
    2. As soon as it expires on Dec 14, I am back on my study permit which allows me part-time tillI I apply for Open work-permit. This gap is 5-15 days usually.

    My original concern was/is whether I could accept a permanent job offer when my resident status clearly is 'temporary'. E.G. I had to write this in my Statement of Purpose while coming to Canada that I'll be coming back to my country after my permits are over.

    Thank you, Hope this makes sense :)
  12. If you aren't sure, don't post.

    Delaying payment to make it look like OP is working part-time doesn't change the fact that it would be illegal work.
  13. You can accept the job. Follow the terms of your permit and don't work illegally.
  14. Thank you for the inputs buddy! I'll follow this.
  15. Have you not read the news story on Whistleblower of Infosys in USA?

    Suggesting someone to work at a company as full time then switch to part time and later ask for bulk compensation, what kind of suggestion is this ? Somebody disgruntled at the company may Whistleblow and leave aside the OP, the company and existing employees will hit the dead end.

    Best option is to accept the offer but keep the joining date later in future till the time OP applies for OWP. Till then keep working as per the CIC rules for study permit.

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