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Citizenship interview with a Judge

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by amber1220, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. I just called the CIC regarding the result of my citizenship test and they told me that I need to go through interview with the Judge and they cant confirm if I failed or not.

    What should i expect during the interview? Anybody experienced how and what are the questions the Judge will ask?
  2. tomorrow i have interview with the a Judge , so i will let you know what questions will be aksed and what documents requested :)
  3. Dear amber1220 and man580

    When did u write the test?
  4. Goodluck on your interview. Let us know how did it go coz i am anticipating schedule of my hearing with the judge next year.
  5. Hi jeleni
    Quick question, I remember that you separated your files from your husband and son, what is the reason you told cic to accept the separation
  6. Hi Tayara,

    I dont know if we have the same case but my reason was as simple as I don't want my family to be deprived of their much- awaited oath and become citizens. It was pretty straight fwd and short one. I mailed my letter the ff day after I found out I need to see a judge. No more dilly- dally. And it paid off!
  7. the judge she was very tough and she requested more documents, she asked me a lot of questions and she requested for CBSA and i have to submit these documents in 30 days , i wish i could receive my CBSA record before that time good luck to you.
  8. Hi Amber, when you write the test and how many days after test you call to CIC.
    I worte my test in 31 jan 2013 till now I am waiting any notification from them.
    Good luck your interview
  9. Hi SKQA

    Which citizenship office is yours?
    Was u asked to submit RQ?
  10. I hope everything will go well with you.

    Thanks for the update.
  11. I wrote the test Dec2012. Up to now, i didnt receive any letter when i see the judge

  12. That makes me sooo nervous now. But goodluck, hope you'll get all the requirements in time :)
  13. What kind of questions did she asked? is it still from the book - Discover Canada study guide? or just personal random questions?
  14. Did you ever have to submit RQ before? I thought in RQ, CIC has CBSA record already.Thanks
  15. she asked me exactly 20 questions from discover Canada , and a lot of questions about my life and work etc....

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