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Citizenship application - worker and student status

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by samroc, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. I am a little confused right now regarding status dates. I came to Canada as a student and then got a PGWP. Did my worker status start on the date I submitted my PGWP? I already had a job offer and I started working a few days later under implied status. However, my PGWP was only approved a few months later. So when I list dates of when I got a worker status, is it the date I applied for PGWP since technically my student status ended on that date? Anybody with a similar experience?
  2. I had a similar experience. The day you submitted your PGWP application is the day your implied status became active. Even if your study permit was still valid, you were officially a worker in Canada.
    Since the physical presence calculator doesn’t give you an option for implied status, I put the dates under worker, and explained it more in the application form that asks you to list time spent in Canada prior to becoming a PR. Good luck!
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  3. Thanks! I appreciate it. Also - where it asks you for activities during the eligibility period - for my current job - do I list FROM/TO as 2015-09 2019 -11 or type in present? This was done for the address section but its not the default in the work/education section.
  4. Hey

    I came to Canada as an international student, got work permit and then got PR. I am hoping to get an answer from similar applicants. As you are aware, when we apply for pgwp, atleast during my time it took around 7 months to get the post graduate work permit. That "period" under implied status, do we put it as 'international student' or as 'worker' while calculating the physical presence in Canada? During that time under 'implied status' my student permit and TRV had expired, not sure what I would claim my physical presence as in worker or student . Please advice. Thank you!
  5. Hi @samroc and @socrates,

    In my citizenship application I defined the period starting the date of my PGWP application as “worker” (as long as we remain in Canada prior to the receipt of PGWP). I did attach a printout of PGWP application from MyCIC as a proof.

    @samroc For the activities From/To I did have a specific end date to match with the last date of my eligibility period, but I don’t think it really matters :)
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. One other question I have is around listing dates. So let's say I applied for my PGWP on October 10th. Does that mean that the end of my student status was on Oct 10th as well as the beginning my status as a worker under an implied status?

    From - October 1, 2014 - October 10, 2015

    From October 10, 2015- October 10, 2017?

    Does that make sense? I didn't realize how confusing filling out this application would be.

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