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CIPS Certification for SINP

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Axaykumar, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Having few doubts regarding the CIPS certificate.

    1) Today I just sent mail to certification@cips.ca team for CIPS certificate for 2173 noc code. May I know that what time CIPS team will take to issue the CIPS certificate.
    2) Without CIPS certificate can I submit the SINP application.

    Thanks in advance if anyone help me on above points.
  2. I hope you clear the CIPS EXAM and you applied for Course by course evaluation and sent to CIPS team. Can you please clarify you do the paper based application or are you did the payment online. If you did the payment online I hope 6 months as per CIPS team. Without CIPS exam we can't apply the SINP program. I have also applied the NOC program on March 1st week waiting for the update. May I know when you applied ??

  3. I have already cleared the CIPS ethics exam. I did the payment online on 17 March. After that I have sent mail to certification@cips.ca for cips certificate on 17 March. So,

    1) want to know that what time it will take to issue the certificate.
    2) without that certificate Can I submit the application if province opened.
    3) I heard from someone that you can submit the application without license. After submission SINP will give you the ITA once you submit the license. So, I am confused on this and need help to understand the exact procedure for submit the SINP application.

  4. Hi Axay,

    As per my knowledge now it is 6 ~ 8 months. Previously it was 6 ~ 8 weeks.
    Without certificate I don't think how we can apply SINP Process. If yes please share with me " balanbit@gmail.com"
  5. Hi Balanbit,

    Thanks. I am not sure on submit the application without license but I heard from someone so I asked.

    May I know the chances to submit the application once province opened. I am asking because number of people focusing on this only and its without job offer we get PR so.

    Any idea when it will be open ? Could you please provide me your cell number so I can connect with you. Thanks.
  6. My contact no 8886494466 you can whats up
  7. Hi Guyz any update or response to your queries even i am looking for the same.
  8. Hi I just want to ask where the tracker is for CIPS?
  9. Hi,

    I am also in the same situation. Did you get the certification and the SINP? Please share.


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