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CIMT Collage (can i go for CIMT Collage?) Advise, Help

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Solomon@@, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hello
    I Have BA Degree in Business field with low CGPA and no Language proficiency test. after i appleied to CIMT collage the admission team accepted me and requested to deposit 550 CAD and they will send LOA
    can i go for this collage?
  2. Hello,
    Is your aim to settle in Canada or just get a degree and return to your home country?

    If your aim is to settle there, then this college does not offer pgwp eligible programs.

    Also, I doubt whether the vo will grant you a visa since you don't have any language proficiency score.
  3. i know Private collgaes not Offer PGWP,
    if the collage accepts and send for me LOA, having provide all other things.. why VO denies study permit the collage has DLI
  4. Because the college has a vested interest in getting international students who will pay them a lot of money. The visa officers aim is to ensure that the candidate's application is for a genuine visit for studies and not for overstaying or illegally working. The visa officers' intentions are different from that of the college.

    To answer your question, can I go to CIMT "Collage". My answer would be no. This college is taking advantage of students like you who want to go to an "Canadian college" but don't have the marks or language test to do so.

    When you go there, you will probably find substandard education, most of the students will be international students like you, probably from the same country. At the end of the day, what you study in these private career colleges will neither be of value in Canada or in your home country. With no PGWP you only have to return home after spending a huge sum.
  5. thank you very much, shifted

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