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CIC Representative Submission Letter?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by NataliaVS, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Does somebody know how to write a CIC Representative Submission Letter? I am a representative for my nephew, a minor child, applying for his Visitor Visa online. I've already submitted two forms: IMM5476 Use of a Representative & IMM5475 Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual...Please help.

    I found the template. It is as follows:

    Name of Representative


    Subject: Representative Submission Letter
    RE: Visitor Visa Application - Personal Reference Code XXXXXXXXX
    Applicant Name: (Name of Applicant)

    To whom it may concern,

    Under the requirements of the Visitor Visa Application online under the above-listed number, I hereby announce that, as an uncompensated representative of the above-named individual, I declare that will present every document that is object of the above-listed application with dignity, honesty and to the best of my knowledge.

    I am appointed to represent the above-named individual, Name of Applicant, who is an extended family member (relationship) and is also a minor.


    Name of Representative
  2. Hi

    1. If you have submitted the forms, then you don 't require a letter.
  3. This letter was a requirement of my online application. I had to download this letter in order to proceed with my submission. There were no other way around this. The CIC asked me to supply the following three forms: IMM5475, IMM5476 and Representative Submission Letter. Based on the CIC site, the representative submission letter is only required for a compensated representative, which is not my case. However, the letter was included in the list of required documents for my application.
  4. Hi, Natalia! Can you explain me how did you do to submit the online application on behalf your nephew? I'm trying to apply on behalf my wife but I can't find the way through my GCKey account. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi, everyone! If anyone knows about this, please let me know. I'd appreciate your help.

    Best regard,

  5. Cancino, just apply for a visa from your account on behalf of your spouse. You will be asked whether you (she) is using a representative.
  6. I am a travel consultant in Nigeria, and I need to give my client a letter of representative for their visa application, and I don't have any representative certificate from CIC, or a member of ICCRC can someone tell me what i need to do?

    Do I need to use company letterhead? or just ordinary letter,
  7. IMM 5476 (Use of representative form)

    Paid representative
  8. Does it means that I have to be a registered ICCRC Representative before I can use IMM 5476?
  9. No, you don't have to be
  10. Another Question here,
    A Canadian company has a branch outside Canada, and inviting one of the foreign staff to Canada,
    Now, the cic form said provide proof of company relationship. what do you think can be uploaded there?
    Is the foreign company certificate enough for the proof or is there any special documents needed for this?
    someone to help please
  11. You may want to read this thread:
  12. What am saying here is that it was asking for Evidence of company relationship between the Canadian Company and the Foreign Company

    "You must provide proof of the relationship between the company you work for in your country of origin and the Canadian company you intend to work for while you are in Canada

    Examples of evidence of company relationship include proof of your occupation and the duration of your employment at the company in your country of origin and proof of the proposed position at the Canadian company.

    The Canadian and foreign companies must be legal entities that have a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate business relationship. The Canadian and foreign companies must be doing business currently or will be doing business in the future."

    The Canadian Company is a Limited Corporation in Canada, and as well as in foreign country and share the same name both in Canada and in the foreign country.
  13. Seems like you're asking about a Work Permit, right?
  14. Yes, Work permit as an Intra-Company transferee
  15. I recommend you post your questions in the Foreign Workers section of this forum

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