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CIC PR Thread [PNP -> Paper Based Application]

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by aircanada, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Which Month AOR candidates are going through Medical.
  2. I am outbound i have my Aor in May 2019 yet to have medical request letter pls when is like likely time for me to have it. Pnp paper application thanks
  3. 12 months (average)
  4. Pls still waiting aor may
  5. Waiting time from aor to medical request letter should not be 12 months medical result validity is 12 months
  6. My timeline is
    AR: DEC 27 2018
    AOR: MAR 14 2019
    Waiting for MR

    Anyone with similar timeline? When should I expect MR?
  7. December
  8. Really? Some Feb 2019 AOR has already got MR
  9. Are they pnp paper based my aor is April pnp paper based yet to get Mr
  10. My aor is April still waiting for Mr too
  11. Actually I am talking about PR.
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    Yes, pnp paper based
  13. Oh! You scared me
  14. U r very early, now a days bAR to MR takes 12 months, but some applicants are getting MR from 2019, but after medical pass they are waiting for PPR
  15. It could take upto 12 months but again Feb 2019 AOR have already gotten MR. Just checked on immitracker.

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