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CIC message Your application(xx) has been updated: but no new msg or status

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by shortduck, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Hello

    This is the 2nd time I got this message in this week that Your application(xx) has been updated, but if I log in I can't see any new message or any change in the status of the application.

    Please advice

  2. yea .. me too got that
  3. Same here.. Help needed..
  4. when you applied.

    Post your timeline pls
  5. Jan 13 2014. Got mail yesterday ..but nothing in mycic
  6. oh bro . am 20 dec. applicant you have to wait atleast 34 days
  7. Where did you applied?.. I have a friend he got his visa within 10 days..
  8. I applied from canada for a friend in india
  9. I have applied last week on Jan 13th.

  10. Have applied online in USA. Really! he got in 10 days. This is first time I heard, generally people say that they get in 3-4 weeks.
  11. its tricky the way CIC has updated their new website.
    You have to click on the message which produces a link to download the message which has your PDF with result.

  12. I tryd this before.. It doesn't showing any update... !!!! :( :(:(
  13. Ok Guys, here you go!

    I got message yesterday, CIC is asking my passport. I hope they have decided to grant visa. I will be sending my passport tomorrow.

    Many thanks for the responses. I'll happy to answer some qs if you guys have. My story is

    1. applied online.
    2. Indian citizen in USA on H1B visa.
    3. going to Toronto to meet sister and have USA visa stamped.

  14. Shortduck when did you applied? Plzz let us know when u have your passport back. Thank you
  15. shortduck applied on 13th jan

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