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CIC Buffalo mailed passports-no tracking on them

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by passport, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    we are in Toronto and we got email from Buffalo CIC that our passports have been sent to us on 24 July 2008 by National xpresspost Canada envelop we provided them. Since there is no tracking information on our envelop at the Canadian post so far (31 August, I have sent email to the CIC Buffalo to request information about the mail posted, like what is the route etc, so I can give that info to the Canadian post and they can track the envelop.
    However, CIC Buffalo responded that they do not have information once the envelop is mailed.
    I want to ask if anyone waited so long to get the documents back from Buffalo and how do they deal in this situation.
    Any reply will be helpful.
    Thank you
  2. -You said that you provided Xpresspost Canada envelop, do you have the receipt when you purchased? The receipt should have the tracking number.
  3. Yes we have the tracking number, and that is the problem that when we track the envelop there is no information for it on-line or when we speak to the Canada post.
    The envelop does not appear to be in their system. We placed an request for tracing the envelop with Canada post.

    We do not know where CIC Buffalo mailed the letter in Canada (which city, post office or mailbox). This is the info that Canada post requests so it can take it from there as a start point to trace the letter.
    Please we need an advice, cause we can not phone CIC Buffalo to speak with them in person, we only deal by email and it is a poor communication.
    Anyone with similar experience, waiting time to receive documents back form Buffalo etc will be helpful
  4. Hi passport,

    I think it won't appear to the system until the mail will reach Canada. I have done that before too and there was no record at the system until I tried again and it says accepted by Canada post from 1 of the province. Try doing the tracking again.
    Good luck!
  5. Thank you Always,
    do you remember how long did it take for the tracking number to appear in the system after you knew the letter has been sent back to you.
  6. Hi Passport,
    A week I guess and I have received my passport in 2 weeks since the CIC have informed me that it was sent out.
  7. Hi Jeffrey815,

    Yes, I have received my passport. What happened was I had to go to Philippines for a holiday and unexpectedly, my passport was requested by CIC Buffalo 1 month before departure. I was pretty worried as I didn't have much time to wait for it plus that in my location it takes time for mails to go to it's final destination and weather permitted.

    What I did was after mailing it, I have faxed a copy of my plane ticket along with my request to expedite the stamping as I was leaving in 4 weeks. I know my chance to be heard by CIC Buffalo was nil but there was no harm in trying anyway.

    I mailed it on November 8, then got a reply from CIC on Nov 19 stating my passport has been received and visa has been stamped and ready for mailing.

    Since then I kept tracking my package and finally got the tracking info 2 days before I received it on November 30.

    It was close but such a great relief to have my passport with a stamped visa back.

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