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Choosing a Medical Insurance Company

Discussion in 'Health' started by anis_huq, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    We will be arriving in Canada on 31st OCT, 2017. Now for the next 3 months,
    which insurance company should we choose?

    My details are as following:
    Number of applicants: Family (oldest age is 37 years)
    Coverage amount: 50,000 CAD
    Pre-existing medical condition: Yes
    Period: 2017-10-31 - 2018-01-31
    Days: 93

    For DEDUCTIBLE ZERO, I got 5 insurance companies: Destination Canada, Allianz, Travelance, TuGo and 21st Century with Premium price varying between 465.00 CAD and 595.67 CAD. Now my questions are following (for those who have used such temporary insurance):

    1. Which company provides the best/ reliable services?
    2. Which company policies cover the widest range of medical situations?
    3. Is the premium price for the whole 93 days OR is it a monthly cost?

    I know I can find all these info. on the web. But this is my first time insurance for the whole family. So I am trying to be extra careful.

    Bye Friends.
  2. As for your questions, you may consider Allianz's coverage given the fact that it is an internationally recognized insurance company with an extensive network of healthcare providers that accept their insurance policies. Coverage itself is fairly comprehensive compared to other providers on your list, while the cost of the policy it also not so high for a family plan.

    All of these insurance policies will only cover medical emergency treatment costs i.e. if something unforeseen happens such as an sickness, injury or any other unexpected accident, the policy will cover the cost of treatment up to its limit. As for the range of services, all of them cover pretty much the same stuff with a few minor differences i.e. Travelance does not cover outpatient treatment and so on.

    Lastly, the premium you got for each policy on your list is for the whole duration of your coverage i.e. 93 days (not per month).
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  3. Thanks a lot for your reply Steevy. One more question to gain better clarity-as people have different views about it-Does sudden flu, cold and cough and fever come under unforeseen medical emergency? I found this term used very ambiguously so not sure.
  4. Yes, if you have a flu or a fever it is considered a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. In case with seasonal sicknesses i.e. regular cold, they are not emergencies, unless there are some complications i.e. severe cough, high temperature, etc.
  5. That's hilarious. The flu/fever is very rarely a medical emergency. Unless a person is very young, very old or immunocompromised, there is little chance of needing treatment. The vast majority of people who do seek emergency treatment are just wasting resources and spreading the virus around.
  6. Very rarely being the key word. Even a normal flu and fever can be critical if not treated well. especially in a super cold climate of Canada. So good to know it is covered too!
  7. Is immunization for kids also covered by the insurance company? I will be moving to Canada few months before my daughter's scheduled immunization at age five. Medical benefit will only be received after 3 months... What do you advise? How do I go about this?
  8. Hi all
    May I ask a basic query, do we need to buy both travel insurance and overseas medical insurance? Is there any combo package available by any insurance company? Please guide, I am landing in Vancouver in May2018
  9. Travel insurance covers unexpected costs. Children's immunizations are pre-planned expenses, so are not covered.

    Any immunizations received during first 3 months, you'd pay out of pocket for the appointment with doctor and immunization shot.

    They are the same thing.
  10. If by travel insurance, you mean cancellation/interuption/baggage insurance, yes, many companies sell combined packages.
  11. Getting childhood immunizations a few months late isn't a bid deal especially because he/she will be getting the second dose of many shots. Just delay until your insurance starts. Might take a while to find a doctor for your family so you won't get in immediately.
  12. Thanks I heard one should buy it from Canadian insurance company. Do you have any reference please?

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