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Choosing a city for marketing person

Discussion in 'Housing' started by zabrodov, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Why would Bayview Village out? Right across is Bayview station of the Sheppard subway extension.
  2. That's what I call reasonable downgrading. And yes, by 'suburbs' I mean the 'inner suburbs', and I guess the single-family parts Midtown/Young and Lawrence will fall under this category for me. Bedford Park is somewhat expensive, right? One of my kids is in Kindergarten now in the US, so yep, condo's not an option.
    Anyways, thanks for setting expectations, it's good to be aware of what's going on. 'Apartment' can mean different things (at least in the US, not sure about Canada) - can be a condo-like building owned by a property management company, or can be a part of a private house with stuff like in-unit washer/dryer. I'm considering the latter.
  3. Forgot to mention yes realtor.ca but would also say minimize.
  4. Longer than 30 minutes.
  5. Bedford park is also an expensive area and not on a subway line. Many of the homes that were previous divided into units have been converted back into family homes so you may have to look at a small home instead. The neighbourhoods you listed don’t have small homes anymore. Apartment building are tall towers in Canada as well. A unit in a home is what you are looking for. The issue is they are not that easy to find. Think you are going to have to be more flexible on the area. The rental market is very tight in Toronto. On a positive note in Canada there isn’t a huge difference when it comes to the quality of schools like the US.
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  6. You mean from there to downtown right? Anyways, there are small homes, townhouses, low rises and high rises nearby.
  7. What is the definition of a condo in the US? When I explained my relative in Texas that I have a basement in my detached house, she said my house is a condo!
  8. Thanks for this conversation guys. I'm just in AOR stage now, but planning Canadian future is somewhat soothing and satisfying.
    My (probably wrong) understanding of condo is that it's an apartment building with amenities like gym, etc, where you pay condo fees above the base rent. That's what I've heard from my condo-renting friends and read on the web. However, I guess there are multiple definitions:)
  9. Think the US and Canada has the same definition of a condo. Perhaps it’s just your relative. Unless you live inHouston or Dallas you probably don’t have condos nearby and there aren’t that many condos even close in those cities. Would do some research about cost of rentals in the area you are considering and what options may be available.
  10. Go here and search - https://listings.trebhome.com/searchlistings#search/9466fae14647a317c24ddeb8/map
    Set it to "Leases", set your budget, and have fun. That's how I found my house.

    I don't work downtown (I work remote), so I didn't need to worry about commuting. I live in a very nice neighborhood close to Baby Point; don't want to get more detailed than that, sorry.

    For example, here's a listing I found - https://listings.trebhome.com/searchlistings#search/0e152ebc34dd7a2ed27fe426/listing/TREB-C4559083
  11. This will give you an idea of some pricing. This is first floor and basement only. Not on the subway line but you can streetcar to the subway.
  12. Yeah, I just picked a random house. There are decent options if you're willing to spend $3200+
  13. No worries, I understand the privacy concerns, at least you've pointed out to the part of the city you're satisfied with. I'm still not sure what my work schedule will be or if it's going to be any work when I arrive, so looking at subway proximity for convenience
    Thanks for another property search website, it's helpful.

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