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Child care benefits

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by jaisairam, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Dear senior members,

    I need your guidance on this.

    I got my PR in 2017 along with my spouse and kid. We spent three months and we got child care benefits for those three months. Before leaving for Canada, we called CRA and ask them to stop our benefits as we were moving back to India.

    Now we are planning to shift to Canada permanently. So I would like to ask if my child will get the ccb immediately from the month of our landing or we have to do any formalities. We have not filed any tax returns in Canada ever.. So please guide

  2. There will be an application procedure like your first application. Assume you didn’t apply for any healthcare coverage since you would not have met the residency obligations to receive healthcare. You will need to apply for healthcare as well.

    People always seem to be able to apply for CCB no matter how short they are visiting Canada:rolleyes: Can only imagine you were approved and then left the next month.
  3. Thanks for your reply..So will there be any issue in getting the ccb this time?can cra refuse the same or delay that?
  4. It can be delayed if CRA wants further evidence of your income for the past 2 years. You will eventually receive back payments if you qualify.
  5. No reason to worry about CCB.
    CRA pays your benefits retroactively, going up to 11 months in the past. (beyond 11 month is different, I do not wish to discuss it here).

    the 11 months are counted from the date of your entry.
  6. I found that you did not file for any tax to CRA is unusual. However, I do not wish to tread upon such a minefield of tax.

    You may need to consult a tax professional to understand if you should have but did not file to CRA.

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