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Child benefits for newcommers ?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by cooldoc80, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. How to show income or what are the documents required plz
  2. Have you looked up the application form? All information is included.
  3. No,will look for it online if available
  4. Tax year in Canada runs from Jan to Dec. However, Child benefits are calculated every June. The short summary is that you can apply as soon as you land. However, how much you will get will depend on how much you earned in previous tax year (Canadian).
    And yes, all income earned anywhere inside or outside counts.

    So for this year, in June, the calculations will be based on what you earned from 01-Jan-2017 to 31-Dec-2017.

    Now the question is how will CRA evaluate how much you earned in 2017 if you arrived here only in 2018.
    I think the CRA website not necessarily answers this in detail, so talking to a support agent might make sense.

    They could ask you for your returns from back home, or they could ask you for other proof.
    Anecdotally, in 2015, a friend of mine was asked by CRA to create and submit a tax return for 2014 in Canada, although he arrived here only in 2015, with income information taken from the IT returns from his home country.
  5. I am not sure whether I entered correct numbers, but with PR income for 2017 (previous year) -$0.00 and 2018 (future income) - $0.00 and spouse's income for each 2017 and 2018 - $120,000.00CND the estimated federal child benefit is $1,265.00CND a year. So, even if mother (PR) does not have any income and filed for a child benefits and father has a decent income - the child will get something.
  6. It is based on family income.
  7. I'm wondering the same thing: even the whole family has a decent income, the child still gets some benefits.
    And @canuck78 YES, I did input my spouse's income as well.
  8. Yes just less than others. It is based on income. The relatively new form of child benefit is to offset some of the high costs of having children in Canada.
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  9. I am a returning resident (citizen) & have applied for ccb about a month ago. Just received a letter saying We determined you were not eligable for "CHILD'S NAME"- since your application was filed too late...the letter states the base year as 2017 & the payment period says Jul18 to Jun19. What puzzles me is that we did not apply for this period - the application doesn't have an application "base year", it's just an online input tool with the kids details. We are now in May 2019 & my question is how to I get 'em to start paying the benefits today ? or do I need to wait till June 2010 for the first payout since I re entered the country in Frb 2019? doesnt make sense. .. does it?
  10. My understanding is that you get Child benefits based on your previous year's income. For example payment from June 2019 to May 2020 is dependent on you 2018 family income.
    when you file your taxes for 2019, and you would ideally get the benefits (any amount owing).
    Disclaimer : I am no expert in taxation.
  11. You applied from Feb 2019, so yes, you did apply for that period. There is no cut-off time to apply for CCB. Did you fill out the form RC66SCH?
  12. Need help please. We landed in cAnada in September 2018. My husband remained in Canada and is working while I came back to my home town with my daughter. We are all PRs. I gave birth in home town and I my sons sponsorship application is ongoing. Going back to Canada soon with my daughter, leaving my son behind knowing home town pending when his sponsorship is determined. My question is if I am applying what would I put as number of children, and how do I explain that my daughter stayed outside Canada for 10months after we landed in September?

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