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Discussion in 'Housing' started by oldalshah, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Can anybody suggest cheap or affordable areas of toronto for 1 bed room flat or apppartment or condo?
  2. Please refer to local newspaper if you are already in Toronto.
    Or, you can check at airbnb if you have yet not landed.
  3. thanks for your reply but it is definitely not helpful..bcz airbnb seems to be expensive though
  4. You can try craigslist.
  5. 1 bedroom flats or condos in Toronto generally will not be considered cheap and the GTA is not exactly a small area so also depends where you want be near, college or work location, downtown or suburbs.
  6. viewit.ca
  7. thanks all for your replies
  8. you can check on kijiji for monthly rentals , basement or apartment. there you can find a cheap deal.
  9. Craigslist works best but do your research as scammers are also present on that portal.
  10. Is there any accomodation available for single person near to toronto

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