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CHC, Islamabad Spouse Sponsorship Timeline 2012 -2013

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Kiinngg Farakh Gujjar, May 1, 2012.

  1. ok thanks for updating would you mind if I ask if about your status in Canada( permanent resident or citizen)
  2. AOA Everyone!
    Hope you are fine with the health and Emaan.
    Well, I'm new on this particular forum. My mother has sponsored me, my Father and my 3 siblings. CHC Islamabad received our applications on April 20,2013. We all were called for an interview in CHC Islamabad in November 2013 but they interview my Dad only asking him to submit the FBI Clearance Report (Dad used to work in USA).
    Got the medical instructions and we are done with the Medicals in the 3rd week of November. After that, they called us almost 20 days back asking to pay them $1900 ($1500 for Visa processing fee and $400 as a penalty for my Dad as he didn't inform the Canadian Immigration before leaving Canada as he applied as refugee in Canada back in 1999 but got refused).

    Now the problem is that my mother has already paid the above mentioned $1500 as a processing fee for all of us and I've already sent those bank deposit slips to CHC Isb through E-Mail, Fax and through TCS as well but couldn't get any response from them as its been more than 20 days now.

    Can anyone experienced the same thing? Do we need to pay them another $1500 as a processing fee in CHC Islamabad as well?

    My ECAS can only be viewed if I select "Provincial Nominee Program" as we got selected through Quebec Selection but I think my case is under the "Family Class Sponsorship". What do you guys say about this?

    P.S: I talked to Mr.Laghmani and he has advised to contact the local MP of Montreal but we don't have any proof of this "Payment Request" from CHC as we just received a call (no Letter or Email was received). So we can't go to the MP in Montreal with a verbal proof.

    Syed Shumail
  3. Congrats hun:)
  4. No problem. I am a citizen.
  5. Family Case in process in Islamabad Since January 2008

    Salam I am Afghan living in Canada .
    The Following Procedures has been done with our Family Case, As Wife i Sponsored Husband & Three Children ( less than 22 age )

    1 2008 Application Filled,
    2 2009 DNA TEST Done,
    3 2009-2012 Background Check ( Security Check ) Done,
    4 2013 Medical Check Done,
    5 2013 Interview Done,
    6 Passport request for Visa Not yet Done,
    7 Passport sent for Visa Not Yet Done,
    8 Passport received not yet Done,

    If your case is family case also then we can contact & exchange information Through Skype, Email or even Call.
  6. Asslamualikum jerry84,

    In Sha Allah your nightmare with CHC will end soon. Congratulations

    ASyed :D
  7. Asslamualikum Nick_afg,

    This is wonderful... I would really like to be of assistance but unfortuantly will not be returning to Canada until March.

    But please keep us posted on all developments.

    In Sha Allah this will make wake up CHC

    ASyed :)
  8. can someone please update the list of 2012-1013 applicant
  9. Dear All,
    I need ur help. My Wife sponsored me at Aug 2013 and at Sep 2013 we received regarding approval eligibility and also they informed me that my file is transferred to CHC Islamabad Office, But at 22 January 2014 Ottawa office again emailed us and asked following words specifically....

    "This notice replaces previous communications received detailing the routing the Application for
    Permanent Residence for your relative(s).
    The Application for Permanent Residence for your relative(s) has been forwarded to this office as part
    of an effort to improve service. All efforts will be made to process applications equitably, but it may be
    several months before your application is reviewed for further processing. Your family member(s) will
    be contacted by the visa office when the application is ready for processing.
    This visa office was selected based on your relative’s home address and the requirements of the
    Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
    If you received this communication via email, please note that another copy will not be mailed to you. "

    Means they ignored the last letter and asking now send further updates at London Office what is this all?? I am toatally confused will it improve timeline as london step 2 is just 10 months or it is just a lollipop once again to keep us busy ??? Please advice???
  10. Salam

    Can someone help me with my question:

    I started my wife's sponsorship case on July 2012. At that time she was living in Afghanistan, but after 4-5 months she moved to Pakistan with her family. My question is, if CIC asks for her police check, does she have to provide both Afghan and Pakistan police checks? Or only Pakistan police check? It kinda bugs me out a little bit.
  11. salaam brother no if u already submitted PCC with ur application it's is fine if u don't submit no PCC with ur application than u have to provide PCC form booth countries if they ask for it or if u was lucky they ll ask u for medical only best of luck brother
  12. We applied in June 2013 and yet waiting for such response. It is cleared that CIC doesn't follow first come first serve. June applicants are waiting and August and December 2013 has been forwarded.
  13. Don't judge quickly maybe your file will be process in Islamabad, it's not that all new application of chc isb process in other visa offices.
    Keep patient and make pray. Allah plan best for us
  14. Thanks for the answer bro. Yeah I did submit PCC when I submitted my application along with med exam. I didnt know that CIC might not ask for another PCC. I filled application on July 2012 and it was approved on Oct 2012.Then med request on Dec 31th 2013.
  15. Asslamualikum Nick_afg,

    I somewhat in the same boat with my husband's application I submitted Lahore PCC but not Karachi PCC.

    Currectly we should remain distance from Karachi. Should we be prepared and have all PCC available in advance or is their a way around this such as writing a letter stating due to the ongoing situations in Karachi unable to visit for a PCC?

    Btw still have not been requested for a remed.

    ASyed :-\

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