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changing province after Citizenship application (processing started)


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Jun 12, 2015
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Hi, I have applied Canada Citizenship on date Aug 26,2019, and received AOR in Oct,2019, and Application processing started on date Nov 29,2019 as i checked online my file on IRCC website.
But I have been staying out of Canada (currently in my home country India) from Aug 25,2019 onward till date and I have already informed IRCC via online web-portal about this, and after that IRCC confirmed via about my outside Canada stay. But I will SOON update new residential address Calgary AB in coming months and planning to return in coming Mid-July 2020 to another province (Calgary,Alberta instead of returning to Brampton Ontario) due to personal reasons (like employment, and can not stay or return to Brampton Ontario). My previous/current address on file is of Brampton,ON.

1. Will changing address (province or city from Brampton Ontario to Calgary Alberta) further delay processing of my citizenship application ?
2. I heard GTA area especially Brampton applicants have long waiting time approx. 12-16 months, while Calgary applicants has pressing time 6-10 months, so will it give me advantage (my file will be processed faster) Although this is not reason to permanently move to Calgary Alberta. I will be moving due to job opportunities.