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Chances of getting my visa


May 3, 2019
I applied for canada study permit back in nov2019 for jan intake but unfortunately my visa got refused because I forgot to mention about my previous visa refusal of Australia back in 2015. As I was a minor my parents filled up my form and in 2017 I got the Australian visa. So I totally for that I had a visa rejection. I just turned 18last year. So This time I applied for the study permit again for September intake mentioning my previous visa refusals and why I failed to mention it as it was a genuine mistake by me . My question is what are the chances of me getting the visa this time?


VIP Member
Mar 1, 2019
They all say that you are welcome to apply again, even ones that say you are banned for five years.

If you can address the visa officers concerns, you can reapply. The chances of a visa approval depend on your profile, your statement of purpose, and your explanation of what led to the mistake to not declare the visa refusal.