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Centennial January 2019

Discussion in 'Education' started by Nabz07, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I've got accepted at Centennial for Jan 2019. Please join in if you have got the acceptance as well. We can make a group. I'm sure it'll be helpful
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  2. I also got my offer letter and made the initial payment. I have my next payment due on mid Nov. :)
  3. I have got my offer letter and ive paid my fees. PG DIPLOMA in FOOD SCIENCE TECH. Looking for people to discuss and for accommodation.
    Nice if we know each other and form a group. as itll be helpful to travel togatherr. looking forward!
  4. Yes that's sounds good. Could you make a WhatsApp group?
  5. Your contact number and Where are you from? Which course?
  6. I am from Mumbai, India.
    Going for business management
    what about you
  7. Im from Chennai. Gonna do PG DIP Food science tech.
    And another student asked to create a WA group in the above thread, so whats needed now?
  8. Well, can create a whatsapp group and post the invite link here. Anyone of the same interest can join then.
  9. Yeah sure.
  10. Dont forget tio create the WA group. I got 4 replies now. We could discuss and do whatsoever.
  11. Can you answer my Questions?

    1. What Qualification did u have before applying to the college.

    2. Is it better to complete Canadian Highschool and join Uni or conplete A Levels and join Uni?
  12. Good idea this is my whatsapp number +237695831615
  13. Same here ,l got admission ,n have made my first too
  14. Can you add me up to the WA group too?? Am from Nigeria ,l applied for hotel ,Resort and Resturant management... dis is my WA number +23408167378726 thanks

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