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Caregiver Work Permit from UAE/Phils Timeline

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by sunshinecanada, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. I wonder if Winsy already got PPR already. He said, his medical request was 28-Apr, I also never heard from Etlamsen too who did the upfront medical and got PPR last 14-May.
  2. How can one get entry visa into Canada as a caregiver!
  3. Hi Reflex, welcome to the thread. We all have employers already. If you don't have employer yet, you need to have one first, so your employer can process an LMIA. if the employer was able to secure an approved LMIA, the employer will send it to you so you can proceed processing your work permit. You can start looking for an employer in Canada Job Bank. Goodluck on your search.

    The link is: https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/home
  4. Hi there, do you have an update on your application? Thanks
  5. Hello sorry for the late update.passport requested po hoping for a positive result.
  6. Wow congratulations, that will be positive trust me. You did an upfront medical right? How many weeks are you now?
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  7. Thanks hoping and still praying for the result. Yes i did upront medical, i think 21 weeks already since i passed my application feb 2019
  8. Wow, that's good for you. Mine is 25 weeks this week and still nothing. Kabayan, you sent me a PM, for some reason I don't know why I cant reply, haha.
  9. Hello Everyone
    I am new to the forum but my wife needs to apy for caregiver pilot program the new program we r in dubai and if anyone can help kindly plz post we have done our ECA and also IELTS is done and also we have employer in Canada who is willing to give the job.
    • Did anyone in this forum applied from UAE
    • What is the status of the application
    • What is the time line for WP
  10. I applied in UAE January 10, 30 weeks already but no update yet. Currently UAE is sitting at 30 weeks processing for work permit. goodluck on your wife's application.
  11. Hi i am a june applicant here and from phil. Done my medical june 6 and still no updates. I always check my application on chat support and they answered me still on process. Anyone here the same with my case? Thnk you
  12. Hello guys, already applied for OEC at POEA thru my agency. Waiting nlng sa owwa seminar.

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