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Caregiver pls share your timeline here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by rbrio, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Anyone applied for caregiver here outside Canada? Pls share your timeline. Appreciated. Thanks
  2. Submitted feb 4 2019 ay VFS MANILA,still no update. Bout you?
  3. hi.
    yah still no update yet.
    Submitted feb1
  4. Did you take caregiver course? If so did you take OJT? How many hours?
  5. Did you take caregiver course? If so did you take OJT? How many hours?
  6. I did not. I am a nurse working in hospital for 5 years.
  7. it takes 2months. you can log in to visa offuce. you can tract your application. you ask them if your aplaication is approved or not. i did that before. i chat them and they reply. your application is approved.
  8. if you are a regustered nurse no need to get a certificate for caregiver. if not RN need a certifcate for caregiver.
  9. you an experinece becUse when you submit your papaers thru visa office you jeed a payslip sss philhleat and certifcate of your employmwnt.
  10. I am still waiting for their message for medical
  11. okay always check your email. Goodluck.
  12. Hi
    Can anyone please tell me what is process of hiring a foreign caregiver and how to get them here what are the requirements as employer and what are the requirements to be a caregiver for children.
  13. Hi to all,
    just want to ask if Caregiver course is required when applying ? or does the experience count.? I will be the employer of my sister because i have a son who has down syndrome, my sister is a Special Education Teacher since 2001. Does she need to take Caregiver course first, before i apply for lmia?

  14. Hi all,
    I am a certified caregiver, where and how do I apply??

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