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Car entry with expired PR card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by anett23, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am looking for some help. Sadly my PR card expired not a long time ago and I would like to return back to Canada from the US by car. Luckily I met with the RO because I lived in Canada for 5 years!
    I also have a drivers license, all other documents they might need! I cant apply for PRTD because I would like to enter without it if its possible!
    I know this is risky and depends on the officer and of course luck.
    Can somebody help me how much chance I have that they will let me in without any problem?
    Any help or recommendation comes handy:)
    Thank you!
  2. The Residency Obligation is a rolling count, not a static one. It's not just a single 5 years hit.
    If you have been outside Canada for more than 1095 days in the last 1825 days, you are not in compliance, and may be reported by CBSA at the border.

    A PRTD is not required for a land border crossing.
    A PR only needs to be identified as such at the border for CBSA to permit entry, with or without being reported for RO compliance.
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  3. Thanks for your answer. I been out of Canada for only 2 years so I think I still should be fine!
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    If you looked back 5 years from today would you have been out of Canada for 3years or longer.
  5. As of today if I look back to the past 5 years I have been out of Canada for about 720 days! So at my understanding there shouldnt be any issue getting back right?
  6. You will have no issues entering.
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  7. Thanks for answering!
    Is there any way you can give me some advice or idea in case I got asked where I been in the past 2 years by the border patrol?
  8. Tell them the truth... Is there any reason to hide it?
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  9. Not at all but are they going to be okay if I say I left Canada and moved back to Europe because part of my family is living there?
  10. It doesn't matter what they think of your reasons. You meet the RO, which is what matters.
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