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caq 2020

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by mani__k1, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Anyone waiting for CAQ for jan 2020 intake ? I have applied on 17 oct and still no update . I am so worried because i have so less time
  2. Same here, I applied on 19th oct, file open on 20 oct, after that no update.

    What about your caq status?
  3. no update stil i m so worried there is so less time left
  4. Hey, have you recieved your CAQ?
  5. does anyone received CAQ for jan intake ...... if any ......... how much time does it take....... as i applied it on 30th oct
  6. i applied on 28 oct ...still not receive my caq
  7. January intake????
  8. ohkkkkkk ....... when you will receive it let me knw
  9. okay...when ur classes are starting
  10. applied on 30th oct too, still no caq
  11. 27 january
  12. yeah let's see
  13. i think our turn will be at the end of December ....... hope for sooner .....
  14. when ur classes will start????

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