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Canadian Visitor Visa for Mother visiting USA sponsored by children

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nkollu, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hi there -

    My Mother (Indian citizen) is currently on her US Visitor Visa (B2) visiting us in USA. As a family we are planning to make a trip to Canada for Tourism (No Family or Friends in Canada) for 8 days by car. She doesn't have any monthly income except considerable fixed deposits in INR currency.

    1. We have made hotel reservations for our stay on my name. Is it okay if I submit those as place of stay and explain the cover letter that we going as a family and she is going to stay with us in the hotel and doesn't need any separate stay? Hotel reservation shows no.of adults.

    2. Can I submit my pay slips and proof of income, and explain in the cover letter that I will pay for any of her expenses during her visit to Canada?

    3. Is there anything else we need to consider for this kind of scenario?

    Thank you!
  2. Yes, you can include it.

    Also, your bank statement + credit card statements.

    You can include a Letter of Financial Support + proof of your immigration status in the US.

    She must prove her strong ties to India (property ownership + FDs even though these funds cannot be accessed in the US + family ties to India + previous travel history).

    She must include a detailed day-by-day plan for her visit with estimated expenses for sightseeing (entry fees, meals, etc). You must prove you can afford this trip for XX persons, including your mom.

    She must also include copies of her flight bookings to show a US >> India departure.

    She must request for CAN+ processing (expedited processing) i.e. submit a color scan of her US visa + entry stamp
  3. @Bryanna - Thank you for such a detailed reply. Just one question from your reply: She must request for CAN+ processing (expedited processing) i.e. submit a color scan of her US visa + entry stamp. -why do we have to request. for expedited processing? I have close to 45 days before the scheduled trip Canada. Please let me know if there is another reason for requesting the expedited processing.

    Thank you!
  4. She is eligible for CAN+ processing because she has a valid US B1/B2 visa + she has traveled to the US on that visa.

    You would want to take advantage of a faster processing program if it is available because the processing times posted on the IRCC website are only estimates, not guaranteed. Also, it would take between 10-15 business days just for passport stamping for an online application
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  5. Agreed with Bryanna. Ask for CAN+ so that you can hopefully benefit from faster processing.

    45 days is not a lot of time. It's not uncommon for processing of a visitor visa through the regular stream to take 2+ months.
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  6. Thank you so much @Bryanna and @scylla
    How do we ask this CAN+ processing. I searched online, it just says that they will screen all applications for CAN+ eligibility. Applications that show that the applicant travelled to Canada in the last 10 years or holds a valid U.S. non-immigrant visa will be sent to the visa office for expedited processing.
  7. One additional question to the previous one-

    Do we have to notarize the Bank statements and Credit card statement? Or the monthly statements downloaded from the Online banking are sufficient.
  8. No, notarization of documents is not required. Online statements are accepted
  9. It doesn't happen automatically for online submissions.

    I have answered how to request for CAN+ in my first post in this thread

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