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Canadian to get EB2-NIW or TN VISA


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Aug 23, 2011
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Hi All,
I am an electrical engineer with master degree from wrold class university (the university ranking is top 15 in the world), and 15 years working experience, Canadian citizen myself, my daughter and my wife (Canada PR), Professional Engineer in Canada and Professional Engineer in Texas, USA.
To get the professional license you need to fulfill all of their requirements (for example: NCEES PE exam must pass, Ethics exam must pass, FE exam, working experience 12 years).

1) Should I apply EB2-NIW petition for myself without employer? OR

2) Get a job first then apply TN Visa. Then from TN visa change to H1B while in USA and then ask employer to apply EB2-NIW inside USA. Can you guide me some Canadian who are already with TN visa, apply the job first and while apply the job, write on the resume does not require to apply visa or how did we do?

Which is better portion ? Any suggestion? Thank you very much in advance.