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Canadian passport for US citizens

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by mayankbhat, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. My kids 6 and 8 yrs old were born in USA and have US passports
    Recently they completed Canadian citizenship with us and are now applying for Canadian passports.,
    My question is, do we really need to apply Canada's passport for them, when they already have US passports?
    If yes, would they be keeping both the passports??

    We all are settled in Canada
  2. Your kids won’t need Canadian passports because they are already citizens and as long as you can prove they are citizens they are good to go.
  3. Canadian citizens can only enter the country with Canadian passports, even if their other passports would be visa exempt (like US). If you want to leave the country with your kids, you will need Canadian passports.

    And yes, to my knowledge, they would simply hold 2 passports. No big deal.
  4. Hi Esther,

    I beg to differ with your explanation. As per my understanding and the data available, Canadian-American citizens are the exception to the rule. You do not need a Canadian passport (or visa, or Electronic Travel Authorization) IF you have a valid US passport to travel to Canada. You still need to meet the basic requirements to enter Canada: which include being in good health, having enough money to travel, and having no criminal convictions, among others) AND you must carry also proper identification (like a valid driver’s license issued by a Canadian province or territory).

    Source: https://www.tripcentral.ca/blog/canadian-dual-citizenship/

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  5. When you are a Canadian citizen, they have to let you in, even if you have major diseases, serious criminal record, and is completely penni-less.

    All you have to do is show up at the port of entry (yes, even without any documentation), so long they can establish your Canadian citizenship, they have to let you in. It may take hours for them to be absolutely sure of your status, but they have to let you in. This is also true to some extent for permanent residents, though they still can write up a Section 44 report if they find you inadmissible.

    The issue is getting to the port of entry, and having a US passport would enable you to get to the port of entry no matter where you're flying from.
  6. That bingo!
  7. Thanks all.. I would agree with Esther.. unless there is a loophole in keeping both passports!!
  8. What do you mean, loophole? You don't need one, it's fine to keep both :)
  9. No issues having both passports. I have both.
  10. Please be aware that you can NOT use a Canadian passport to enter the USA and must use an American one. If you try to use a Canadian passport to enter the USA while holding US citizenship, you can be penalized quite a bit. I'd get a Canadian passport for coming back to Canada, but not necessarily leaving Canada.
  11. I agree with SideshowLoki, though maybe "penalized quite a bit" might be a bit dramatic. But yes, it is important for US citizens to declare themselves as such when entering the US and to present their US passport. If you do not have a valid US passport at the time, you can use your Canadian one and declare yourself as American and be prepared to explain why you do not have a US passport. If you have a good reason (lost it and it is being renewed, etc), then you should be able to get by with minimal hassle. If you have no good reason, then you can get a stern lecturing among other things.
  12. I'm attempting to find where I read that, and I assure you they did make it clear it IS a federal offence (a big one) and one of the possible punishments is giving up your US citizenship.

    What keesio said is very likely invalid; if you lack a US passport to enter, you're expected to either use your birth certificate (for crossing in a private vehicle via land border) or visit the US Consulate General/Embassy near you and apply for an emergency passport, which is essentially a document that gives you permission to enter (if going by other means into the US, such as public transportation or by air). The US government is not forgiving for this stuff-- if you didn't have any other citizenship, it's less complex, but because you hold two, you've got to be aware of this stuff.
  13. It reminds me of one recent story, about a woman from Ontario getting sent into secondary while trying to cross the border.

    Then she claimed to be a US citizen, despite not having any document, and in the end, ended up slapping the border agent (NOT A GOOD IDEA, PLEASE DO NOT SLAP A BORDER AGENT). She's still denied entry because they cannot verify her US citizenship.


    I'm wondering now, if a US citizen shows up at the US border, asking to be let into the country, but he/she did not carry anything to show it, does the CBP have obligation to at least check whether the person is US citizen?

    I know that CBSA has to attempt to verify the status of a traveller, if they claim to be either PR or citizen, but not sure about CBP.

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