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Canada Visitor Visa from India Awaiting ....

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Umrinder Singh, May 18, 2018.

  1. I, My wife and My 9 years daughter applied visitor visa to visit PR My real sister at vfs chandigarh on 23rd april 2018, no reponse till now, what to do? Friends Plz help .....

  2. u have invitation letter or hotel booking based and what document attached u
  3. Invitation Letter for family get together during summer break
    CA Net worth certificate of Rs. 9,75,96,451.51
    filed all necessary documents
    but not filed any cover letter or Visit Plan
  4. You need to wait for some time as processing is taking almost 35 to 40 days. Rest you can Check your status from VFS website.
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  5. Hey guys need help urgently

    I am permanent residence of canada I applied for my Parents visitor visa on 15/05/2018. It’s paper application. Banglore office.
    In invitation letter by Mistakenly I put wrong Date of Birth of my mother.
    What should I do now ??
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  6. @Bryanna can answer.
  7. You can send them a case specific enquiry by email or by web form stating the correct DOB.
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  8. As long as you have started the correct DOB in the application i.e. it must match your mom’s passport, it would be okay.

    It’s not major issue.
    Don’t worry everything will be fine!

  9. Thanks
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