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Canada Visitor Visa applied July 2018 good travel history still delay help

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by suhailchabra, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. I applied for a TRV as visitor visa in July 11 2018 exactly 27 days have passed by today. My review of eligibilty has not started. I have a good travel history with multiple schenegan visas, multiple uk visitor visas, uk student visa for 5 years I returned back to India after my studies, active USA visa with 2 trips in the last 10 years, I am shocked to say its been 28 days and they havent even started reviewing my file till now. I have shown good income poof plus business proof plus my parents and brother are in India during my travel. Is it normal for them to open files after so long and disrupt peoples plans How much time is it normal for me to wait as I dont have multiple holidays in the year to take and plus my other plans are also at a disruption. What can i do to speeden up my application process. Am i a victim of the backlog and as it was a paper application I think my application is lying one side . Should I send a letter to the VFS office as I have to attend an urgent gathering in the USA too and without passport I cant leave the country. @brynaa what are your suggestion. How much time more can they delay my application
  2. I am on same boat!
    Multiple UK visitor,2 Schenegan, US visitor visa yet waiting since 6th july.
  3. Processing times mentioned on the IRCC website are only estimates/extended as a courtesy. Actual processing time depends on the individual application.

    You could have requested for CAN+ processing. Again, there is no assurance that an application will be processed under CAN+.

    It is perfectly normal. A visa (to any country) is a privilege and not a right. One needs to be patient to be accorded that privilege.

    Immigration authorities of most countries, including Canada, advise not to book tickets and/or not to make any travel plans until a visa is granted.

    You can send a IRCC web form to the relevant visa office to request for an early decision.

    You're not a victim of any delay caused by a backlog of applications. This processing time is perfectly normal.

    Any processing delay is most likely due to certain verification/checks that IRCC does on individual applications, not necessarily background checks.

    VFS has no part to play in visa processing.

    If you need to travel urgently to the US then send the IRCC web form + an email to the local visa office to request for your passport to be returned. You must clearly mention that you are not cancelling/withdrawing your application + you will return your passport when requested.

    If you get a passport request when you're in the US then factor in at least 10-15 business days for visa stamping if you submit to a US VAC/CSC

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