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Canada visa applied in last of November

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Abhi.sharma.1, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Hey,
    Those who've applied in last week of November gather here and share your timeline..
  2. i applied on 22 november and biometric passed on 25 november still no update
  3. Same here biometric done on 25 Nov
    Kindly share your education and timeline!!
  4. Guys, I reapplied two days ago and got a ghost update today. Basically gave me heart palpitations cuz I LITERALLY just submitted my application.

    is there any meaning to ghost updates or are they just a glitch in the system?
  5. I applied on 25 november nd biometrics done on 28 but they r not updated yet into my account
  6. Certainly, the official website is getting some flaws at this moment of time due to rush of applications.
    Kindly share your case and profile!!
  7. Dont worry ,
    Keep checking your account. It'll get updated till tuesday!!
  8. Kindly share your profile and timeline?
  9. I didnt apply in the last week but maybe I can give you an insight of how it is, I applied on the 14th of November, got my biometrics validity letter on the 27th and got the approval on the 28th.
    Best of luck!
  10. Congratulations,
    Thanks for sharing your info.
  11. applied on Nov 21st, SDS. this is my second attempt.
  12. What was your first case ?
    Kindly share your profile and timeline.
    Keep posting regarding any update if you get any!!!!!
  13. Applied on 28th for second time
    First refused timeline
    Applied 9 nov
    Biometric 12 nov
    Medical updated which was upfront 19 nov
    Refused on 27 nov

    IELTS L8.5 R 7.5 W 6.5 S 6.0 overall 7
    10th 88%
    12 th 75%
    BE mechanical 6.9 CGPA with 3 backlog
    3 year experience as production engineer
    Now applied for PG cert. Applied mechanical design in fanshawe 1 year

    Reason for refusal
    You may not leave canada after study , purpose of visit.
    Nothing else

    Added more robust future plan and explain it in letter of explanation around 1500-2000 word.
  14. 2nd attempt. Applied via SDS on 22 No
    Biometrics updated on the same day
    Medical passed 26th NOV
    Eligibility review started on the same say
    No updates after that
  15. I also applied 2nd time on 21st nov. Still nothing is updated. No medicals also

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