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Canada PPR - How to send passports from USA

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Indrajit1980, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. did you get your passports back returned to the USA or a mailing address in canada ?
  2. did you send the passports from usa to canada and got the passports back in usa ?
  3. Yes it is OK to send Indian passport from USA to Canada to get PR visa

    Yes, it is OK and can be done.

    I recently had to send my wifes Indian passport and my childrens US passports from USA to canada to get the PR visa and the copr. This is what i did. I had a friend send me the Canada post expresspost from Canada to my USA address. Then I put the passports and the canadapost xpresspost envelope with my USA address to canada. It took me about 2 weeks to get the passports with the visas and the copr back.
  4. So what did you do? same situation here.Please help thanks
  5. What type of envelope you put with prepaid shipping label? Please help. thanks
  6. I just sent the FedEx return lable to Canada along with my passport for them to ship it back
    The tricky part is to create a return lable by FedEx as I spent 2 hrs in FedEx Centre to figure out how it can be done.
    The process becomes complicated a when you select FROM address of Canada it doesn’t allow you pay by a US credit card, seems wired but I had this checked at 2 stores and numerous FedEx employees it is restriction in there systems.
    So hence a work around ,create a FedEx online account and add your credit card to this account. Now go to any fedex store and on their self help computer login to your Account and create a return shipping lable with custom value of 1$, you can select any shipping method from express to ground, now use your Account as a mode of payment it allows you to. Willa!! It allows a US credit card that seems a little weird but seems to hack in their systems, now print this lable for free from there and add it with your documents and do a normal shipping to Canada

    Hope this helps as it took me sometime to figure is out so thought might help someone
  7. Hello,
    I am a PR resident. I got the passport request to get the PR visa and the copr for my wife and my son from Delhi office. I am currently working and staying with my family in USA. Is it possible that I can send my passports to Canada nad get the passports back in USA, since I have got an email from Canadian Immigration Delhi office ???
    Any help will be appreciated
  8. I am also in a similar situation - I am trying to send passport from USA to Canada through FedEx however while creating the return label on FedEx website, they are asking me for specific shipping date for the return envelope and also if the return package will be a pick up or drop off. How did you fill out their forms?

    Thank you very much for helping out! I am really concerned about the return label so would appreciate your help. :)
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  9. Happy to help, the return date is just an estimated date and it has no impact what so ever so you can select any date from next week it remains valid for an year so date is no issue, I filled mine as the next label activation almost took a month so no issues, package should be drop off as they drop a lot of these envelopes at common FedEx Centre so you should select drop-off and you will need to fill a custom form for return as this is international shipping, for this you can connect at the local FedEx office they can give you the exact information that needs to be filled, I am not sure about what other forms you are asking about ? All the forms listed in the PPR email are pretty straight forward
    Hope this helps
    All the best for your application processing
  10. Hi Guptavv, Can you please advise on what should be the From address for the return shipping label (CPC Ottowa) ? I believe the address given will be only a P.O box correct? can we just give the P.O box address as the from address? Appreciate your input on this. thank you!
  11. The from on return label I added was same as To address in shipping lable

    CPC – Ottawa – PR

    365 Laurier Avenue West

    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1
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    Hi Guptaw,

    I am sending my documents from USA to Canada through Fedex. Should I write my address on return envelope?

    And I got 4 outbound shipment docs and 3 return labels.. What is to be done with all of them?
  13. Yes you have to write it while generating the return lable, return lable in US have to have both address if generated through the system
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  14. I have addresses on the label..

    but why are there 3 copies of same label?

    I got 4 copies of one recipet, 3 copies of another, 3 copies of label...
  15. I am not sure how you got three copies of the label, one might be a copy for tracking purposes, you might as well visit the FedEx office near you and they can put the lable in plastic zip lock and attach that to the envelope they will help with custom form for return also, it better take guidance from them in this
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