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Canada Budget 2021 - Government to replace the GCMS


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Jul 22, 2020

There's a lot more at the above link.
Budget 2021 proposes to invest $428.9 million over five years, with $398.5 million in remaining amortization, starting in 2021-22, to develop and deliver an enterprise-wide digital platform that would gradually replace the legacy Global Case Management System. This will enable improved application processing and support for applicants, beginning in 2023.
Note that GCMS replaced the FOSS/CAIPS systems in 2011/2012. Seems like GCMS wasn't scalable if it is going to be replaced so soon after being deployed.

A vague mention of streamlining Express Entry
The Government of Canada intends to propose amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to provide the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada with authority to use Ministerial Instructions to help select those candidates who best meet Canada’s labour market needs from among the growing pool of candidates who wish to become permanent residents through the Express Entry System.
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