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Can you guys help me?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by DoctorHao, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone! Is it true that you have 180 days to stay every time you come to Canada? So my mom came to Canada on April 5th 2017 as a visitor and the airport officer stamped Oct 4th on her passport. But then she left Canada to China on May 4th 2017 and came back again on June 18th. We thought all the visitors had 6 months to stay every time when they come to Canada from another country,so she left Canada on November 28th. However,when she came back to Canada on March 29th this year and she was stopped by an officer and was told she stayed over 180 days last year. Do you guys know if that will affect anything in terms of her record in Canada? I appreciate it ahead!
  2. Yes it shows that your mother is trying to live in Canada as a visitor which is a big no no because this will affect her future travels into Canada. CBSA officers can either limit her stay or possibly even deny her entry.

    Your mother should stay back in China for about 12 months before visiting Canada again.
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  3. Thank you for the answer,Wonderland_1010!
  4. She didn't overstay. There is no "180 days per year rule". She was allowed 6 months when she returned June 18th. However, CBSA doesn't like it when people essentially live in Canada as visitors.
  5. Appreciate for the reply,canuck_in_uk! The stamp that says October 4th is what is worrying us now the most because we are assuming the officer let her visit until October 4th but she left on November 28th since she came to Canada again on June 18th.
  6. Visitor status ends when you leave Canada. She had another 6 months when she entered in June.
  7. It appears to me that the CBSA officer probably missed to notice that she had left Canada in between. They most probably thought she arrived on 5th April and left on 28th Nov, which is more than 6 month of continuous say..What makes these things complicated is that you don't get an exit stamp on your passport when you leave Canada. So CBSA rely on data submitted by airlines. Having an exit stamp will make it much more easier for everyone.
  8. Thank you so much for the reply! Do you think she’s in trouble in terms of future travels and applying for PR?
  9. Thank you again! Do you think she will be fine when she comes back again next year ?
  10. No one can really say if she will have future issues visiting Canada. She is spending a lot of time here, which CBSA could take issue with.

    It would have no effect on a PR app.
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