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Can We Rent a home Without Citizenship?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by YorkiesWorld, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Hi there everyone,

    I'm completely new to the forums.

    I and my partner have two young children. We have been considering emigrating to Canada from the UK for a long time now, but we realise it can be a difficult process.

    If our plans to emigrate to Canada and get permanent citizenship don't work out, then we would plan to use a visitor visa to come over and stay for up to 6 months at a time.

    I currently make money by my own means online, however I'd be looking to seek potential employers out whilst visiting Canada to see if I could possibly apply then for a working visa of some kind if this would be possible.

    The main question is, can we legally purchase or rent a second home in Canada without actually having citizenship? And if so, how would we do this?

    Additionally, in terms of the 6-month visa - how long do we have to wait after the 6 months before we can come back over again for another 6 months? Or can we simply extend it again without going back home?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sure you can rent and own property in Canada, anyone can. There is no law that prohibits this.

    As to work visas and alike..start here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.htmlo
    By the way, there is no term "permanent citizenship", only permanent residence or Canadian citizenship
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  3. Just that in BC, as a foreigner - homeowner, you might have to pay an annual speculation tax and foreign buyer's tax.

    For brand new homes, you can go to the sales office and the salespersons will guide you through the process. At completion, you will need to get a lawyer or notary public to register the title at the land registry office.

    For existing homes, you will need to get a realtor to help you negotiate with the seller. Your realtor will guide you through the process. Similarly, at the completion, you would need to get a lawyer or notary public to register the title at the land registry office.
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  4. Hi

    Unless you have some specialized skills/experience, your chances of finding an employer here to be able to apply for a work permit are very low. The process for a Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker has very strict requirements, costs $1000 and takes months to process.

    Do you qualify for IEC?

    You can come to Canada as visitors but if you are spending extended periods of time here, expect CBSA to eventually refuse you entry. They could also issue a 1 year Exclusion Order. Visitors are not allowed to live in Canada. Also note that you will not have health coverage here beyond whatever emergency travel insurance you have.
  5. You will also have to pay for public education for your children. It believe it is 10K+ for child but more for university education.
  6. Hi canuck_in_uk,

    Thanks very much for that.

    I'm not sure if we do qualify for IEC. We are 23 and 25 so I think we meet the age threshold as we are under 30 but apart from that I'm not sure.

    Between us, we have standard GCSE qualifications. I myself hold a Level 2 NVQ in Business Administration, and my partner has a Level 3 NVQ in Childcare.

    We are willing to study further to gain higher skills if needed, and we would be looking to raise a considerable amount of money to fund things.

    Do you have any advice on our best options in terms of emigrating to Canada based on what we have right now and what we could work towards to better our chances?
  7. Your best bet is to get further qualifications in the UK and then apply.
  8. Great thanks,

    My main area of interest is Business or IT. Are these sorts of qualifications that would be good transferable qualifications that would help the application if I were to get a degree of some sorts in those subjects?

    I currently run my own small computer repair business in the local area where I live - is this something I could potentially migrate over to Canada with me as well?

    Thanks again!
  9. Have you researched the immigration programs? Calculated what you will need to qualify? Honestly most people need a post graduate or masters degree to qualify. Perhaps your wife might qualify for PNP as a daycare worker Your education attainments levels are very low compared to most economic immigrants. Not sure whether computer repair is really a booming industry. Especially because it will likely take many years for you to qualify for PR. You can look at applying for a study permit but no guarantees that your family can join. You really need to do a lot more research. Is there a reason you want to move to Canada? You may have unrealistic expectations.
  10. Thanks very much for that,

    We've taken a look at some of the options available that best suit our situation right now as it stands, but we are still looking into things as we go along really.

    Yes my partner would be interested in using her childcare career and qualifications towards things as well, and we would both be looking to expand our qualifications to achieve at least Bachelor’s degrees in our chosen areas of interest before we went any further.

    Our main reason for wanting to emigrate would be to be able to live and work in a country with less crime than we have over here, as well as to experience and live in a better economy overall. Other reasons we are considering migrating are the beautiful country itself - we've always been natural explorers and we have always dreamed of exploring the world and experiencing it first hand.

    My partner does have a second cousin who lives in Canada as well, although I'm unsure if second cousin is enough to really play any sort of part in the immigration process (probably not I would imagine).

    Overall we're just looking at different options available to us at the moment for our future, and Canada is one of the places on our list that we found most appealing for those very reasons among others.
  11. 2nd cousin doesn't help you at all. Canada has it's problems as well. Would do your research and then look into doing some more schooling. I would imagine your CRS scores are pretty low at the moment.
  12. Your education levels will not get you much, if any, points for immigration. From what you've said, you have no chance of qualifying at this time.

    You need to research Canada's immigration programs. There is no shortcut unless you feel like spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a lawyer to do the research for you. Look at IEC, EE and the different PNP programs.
  13. Do kids get approved under IEC? IEC has to show up with their own private health coverage so would it be the same for the kids? IEC is really geared towards young adults without kids. Given the demand in the /uk for IEC spots may be difficult to get two at the same time.
  14. The kids would come as visitors.

    Yes, it will be difficult to get 2 IEC spots.

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