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Can TRV affect Work Permit application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by DevPratap, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. hello

    I’m planning to put up application for TRV then from within Canada arrange work permit, this is first question is it possible.

    Second scenario is
    I can arrange work permit from Canada and apply from my native country.

    I suspect if my work permit get refused then afterwards if I apply for TRV it can get refused on suspicion ground .as if I’m trying to get in Canada anyhow.

    So please advice me which will be best scenario for me to proceed .
  2. 1. Yes you can apply for a work permit within Canada but your employer must first apply for a LMIA. After its approved you can apply for a work permit. You will expect that LMIA takes 4 to 6 months to process so its not feasible for you to remain in Canada for that long.

    2. If there is multiple past refusals of application to Canada then yes IRCC can suspect you to remain permanently in Canada which you don't want them to suspect that.

    3. I suggest you try to find a genuine employer (Do not pay for any job offers) outside Canada. Have them apply for a LMIA and once LMIA is approved then you can apply for a work permit.
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  3. Thanks you very much for your input .
    I have very genuine employer and he already put up AD for position.
    I have very good passport history but in case of Canada I don’t want to take any chance of refusal, as right now I have valid Tourist visa of USA been to UK for 5 year and so on .
    I just want to be sure that my application don’t get rejected due to my lack of visa knowledge.
  4. By putting up TRV first and let assume it get approved and after that I put Work permit application does it shows my desperation to enter in Canada by any chance.
  5. Well I still suggest you wait for the approval of LMIA outside of Canada. There is high refusal ratings for LMIA as employers must prove no PR and Citizens are available to do the job.
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  6. Thanks mate

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