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Can Self sufficient Syrian Refugee Outside Syria send money to Organization?

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by syrian-g, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Hello there,

    There is a self sufficient Syrian refugee residing outside Syria;however, his residency is expiring soon. Can they send a fund for a full year to an organization to sponsor them ?
    This Syrian family don't need a government assistance,and they are planing to open a business in here.

  2. Only possible by committing fraud.

    Organization are supposed to sponsor refugees using their own funds. If a refugee gives them money to sponsor them, that's immigration fraud. If the fraud is caught, you're likely looking at a 5 year misrepresentation ban for the applicants.
  3. @Scylla : Thank you.

    It says on CIC "The sponsoring group may establish a trust fund for the sponsorship but may not accept or require payment of funds from a refugee for submitting a sponsorship"

    I apologize if it sounds dumb, " may not" is not like " must not" , so does that leave a possibility for a contribution ?
  4. "May not" = "must not". No possibility for a contribution.
  5. Make it indirect.
    Have an agreement with a refugee sponsorship organization to contribute to their trust to sponsor another family.
    In return the organization sponsors the donating family without soliciting any payment for their sponsorship.

    The kind of rule you quote is created to prevent abuse of refugees.
  6. I think we must not encourage/advice others to commit fraud or abuse, that will have long lasting adverse effects to the system as well as society.
  7. From which country you are applying?

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