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Can i stamp PPR from another country? For online visit visa application.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sojinatty, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. Hi, Applied for visit visa for myself, wife and kid. Surprisingly, wife got approved after 3 weeks and myself and kid got refused after 3 months, then i re-applied adding wife's visa and cover letter a month ago,still nothing yet. We plan on visiting the US in two weeks then Canada for holiday but can't wait on Canada visa no more. We applied online from Nigeria, my question is can we get the visa stamped at their office in New York if we get the PPR after arriving in US? Or can we just send the passports back to Nigeria,have someone submit on our behalf and stamped(learnt this is possible) and have it sent back to us in the U.S. before making our trip to Canada ( agent said this might raise a red flag at the port of entry as the visa would be issued from nigeria after date of entering US as they share the same database).. Please your advise will be highly appreciated as am very confused and can't wait longer in Nigeria hopelessly for the Canadian visa and it's December already. Thanks.
  1. Yes, you can submit your passports to the NY VAC.

    I would not make any travel plans to visit Canada. Chances of TRV approvals for Nigeria applicants is pretty slim given the high percentage of asylum claimants
  2. I thought as much after the shocking refusal of myself and my daughter while approving my wife alone even though we applied as a family.
    I'll just make plans for us to visit the US alone... if CIC approves while we there, ill submit to the VAC centre in NY for stamping .
    Thanks for clearing my doubt...
  3. One quick question. After i receive the PPR , do i need to email them or something before sending in the passports for stamping in NY. Would i be submitting just the passport and PPR letter alone? Thanks.
  4. You can email the visa offices in Nigeria and NY to confirm that you can submit your passport to the NY VAC.

    You'll need to also pay the passport transmission fees + VAC consent letters. Do check the instructions for submitting your passports in the US
  5. Thanks. So much appreciate.

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