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Can I pause a PR?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by titosyr, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. So my wife and I live in the US. She is a PR holder since 2018. We were planing to move back to Canada but then decided to stay in the US.
    We are planning to go back when our toddler will get to school.
    Is there a way to freeze her PR status for 4 years or do we have to cancel the PR and re-apply again?
  2. If she is PR and stays out of the country for 4 years, she will not meet RO. As far as I know this is not an option.
  3. No - there is no way to "freeze" PR.
  4. Not true if the spouse is a Canadian citizen.

    If the PR has a Canadian citizen spouse, living with them outside Canada counts for the RO.
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  5. Didn't state the spouse was a Canadian citizen though
  6. Sorry I didn’t disclosed that I am a Canadian citizen, my wife and I live in the states because I work here..
    we will definitely move back to Canada when our kid is a bit older, my concern is that I don’t want her to loose the PR. But we are not gonna lie about it.
  7. If you are a Canadian and she lives with you, she will not lose her PR. She is allowed to count time with you as time for her residency obligation.

    If she is not American, she will need a PR travel document if her PR card expires and cannot be renewed from outside Canada.
  8. But does she need to be landed for the time to count?
    I'm in a similar situation, my PR was approved 11 months ago but we've been living in US that entire time. I haven't landed yet. Does the last year count?
  9. If you haven’t landed, you aren’t a PR. You need to complete the landing for it to become an issue. On the other hand, your COPR/immigration visa must be very close to expiring, if it isn’t already. You need to land before it expires or you will be going through the whole process again.
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  10. what? The visa doesn't expire until 2021...
  11. The COPR generally expires one year from the date of the medical or passport expiry, whichever is first. There is little chance that your COPR is valid until 2021.
  12. Why does it say Expiry date: 2021/03/22?
    I went to the Canada Border Services Agency, accounted for all of my stuff etc... I just haven't moved across the border yet. I have the stamp in my passport. You guys are freaking me out. Nobody ever said there was some random date I had to move by, they just said I have to live there for two years before the PR expires... Am I landed then?
  13. It would help if you provided correct information. If you have crossed the border, presented your COPR to CBSA and had it signed, then you have landed as a PR.
  14. My bad, confused the definition of "landed" with residence.

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