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Can I omit all work / study history if I have enough points already?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by secardenasz, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. So I am applying to CEC, I have over 1 year experience working as a IT engineer in Vancouver. I got my BC PNP approved, so currently I have over 800 CRS points, which will basically secure me an ITA for next round.
    I already got my first application bounced, because I forgot the driving history from Chile, and I don't want to make it bounce again so I want to keep my application as simple as possible.
    That being said, can I just omit all of my work / study history from the EE profile from myself and my common law, just to avoid potential problems? (only keep my 1.5 year canadian experience) I obviously will document it in the Personal History and attach as most information as possible. I just want to keep it away from whatever would give me points (as it also can get my application rejected / bounced once again if trying to claim points for something that is missing anything at all, like a signature, a blury picture, missing information by mistake).
    For example, my common law has a couple of months work experience working as a prep cook and janitor. Can I also omit that from her working history, and upload the paystubs in the LoE? (she doesn't have T4 as she only started to work this January.)
  2. You can omit irrelevant/unhelpful work/study history in the work history section to avoid from upload slots being generated, but do remember to list them out in the personal history section. Alternatively, you can include those information in their respective section and then upload LoE onto each upload slot. You don't even need to provide payslips for your wife's irrelevant/unhelpful Canadian work experience as they are not helpful at all to your score, hence do not need to be proved.

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