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Can I hold two Permanent Residency status at the same time?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by mpitillo, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. It is incredible but you said you will assume it is true which alludes to you thinking it was fabricated.

    I don’t know why you would tell me about yourself and wife as being the reasons not to land a job because I don’t see anywhere in my replies that blame you and your wife. Again, the only point I am making is that I am one of those who had a different experience. The people I know who have had the same experience as mine are not in these forums. The reason I am in this forum is only because it is aligned to my employment and I like learning.

    We all have different experiences. My point and others from my understanding is that you keep generalizing the job market in Canada when there are a lot more people like me who did not experience such.
  2. Now you are fabricating things I didn't say. Because I said the opposite: despite your statement appearing incredible (and analogous to someone saying they hit jackpot 5 times out of 7 bets in a row), I will assume it's true and congratulate you. Don't spin and put in my mouth your words. Thank you.
  3. Pretty sure I did not put words in your mouth.

    What words were those? Does saying “alluding to” put words in your mouth?
  4. If I alluded to anything, it was to my willingness to believe what you said, even though it sounded so incredible.
    What can I say? Congratulations on hitting jackpot 5 times out of 7 in a row.
  5. Lol. Thanks.

    Guess it is hard for someone who did not get a call back to believe someone who got a lot.

    But jackpot? Really? You don’t know my skills, my experience, where I used to work, etc. Getting called back is not about luck. It is about how I presented myself in my cover letter and resume from what I was told. For others, it is as simple as fixing their resumes to beat ATS (I know plenty who were not called back at first due to their resumes being taken to the reject pile by the ATS), no matter what, it was never luck. So your metaphor on hitting the jackpot? Incorrect.
  6. Quite frankly, it's hard to put together your own admission that there is high supply of workers and thus little demand for legal assitants, then adding that you got 5 interviews out of 7 job applications and all 5 offered you a job.
  7. I didn’t say there was little demand. I said the demand was not high. In a job market, those two things are different. Demand also stems from having too many competitors out in the field correct?

    So let me clarify this for you. There are jobs for legal assistants (there were to be technically correct since I applied for those types of jobs in 2017) but there are plenty who are qualified and have experience in the arena who are also getting called back. The employers have a lot to choose from and most seem to interview those who presented well, not just myself. This is what I mean about demand for legal assistants not being high. Not that there are little to no jobs out there. I take accountability for my part in not being understood.
  8. Here is what I said exactly. I get why it may have been misunderstood but hope I clarified what I meant by demand.
  9. Even with the clarification, which basically states that there is little to no demand for legal assistants in Canda, it's hard to put it together with your claim that you applied for 7 jobs, got 5 interviews and 5 job offers as a result.
  10. Now, you just won’t accept the clarification. So here is a basic Indeed search for you. This is how much jobs there were approximately back when I was applying.


    But then again, because you did not get a call back you assumed other immigrants won’t as well. So I’m done explaining to a close minded individual who thinks that his experience is the experience of everyone else.
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    No, it's you who still does not realize that I point out to contradiction in your own statements. :) You first stated that there was/is little demand in legal field and that there is over supply of workers applying for legal assistant jobs in Canada. Then you stated that you applied to 7 places, 5 of which interviewed you and every single one of those who interviewed you offered you a job. Now that is incredible.

    I said nothing about how many jobs are listed on indeed. In fact the hundreds of resumes I myself and my spouse sent to Canadian employers were in response to the ads they posted on indeed. So, as you can imagine, there never was a lack of job advertisements online. In fact there are always jobs listed on indeed, even when unemployment rate is too high, labor pool is oversaturated and few if anyone who applied online get hired.
  12. I agree to your statements.
    We are also facing the same issue now.
    Lack of middle class jobs and high competition among the few available.
    My wife is going to walk-in interviews as well but nothing is happening, no return calls nothing.

    I think its also because of high un-employment rate in Toronto, much higher than rest of Canada.

    Also, I read somewhere Toronto absorbs 40% of new immigrants and students (domestic as well as international).

    There is also significant migration from Nova Scotia, PEI etc to GTA because of job search.
    Its kind of rural to metropolitan migration seen mostly in countries like India and China.
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    We had similar, although not nearly as bad as in Canadia, situation in the United States during Obama presidency. It was all part of neoliberal strategy of "tighteing the belts", preached by prophets and apostles from their high horses at IMF and likewise international economic policy making institutions. Thank God (I am an atheist, but I still use the expression as an expression of joy and relief) after electing Trump as our President our economy has improved a great deal and our current unemployment rate is at historic low levels.

    But what any sensible politician should do at times when you have over saturation of job market and scarcity of jobs is the complete opposite of what Canada is doing now: one must limit/reduce the rate of immigration and not force anyone who can find gainful employment elsewhere to stay in Canada.
    When you have over 6% unemployment rate in the only city in the country where economy booms, why bring hundreds of thousands of more PR's?
    Why make things even worse? Why punish those PR's who voluntarily leave to places where they can be gainfully employed, as opposed to staying in Canada and getting depressed and miserable competing with countless numbers of other highly desperate PR's and jobseekers, in a market where each vacancy has hundreds of applicants? This totally doesn't make sense.
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