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Can I get a long term Visitor visa while applying for a conjugal visa?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by RichGriff262, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Hi all, hope you can help.

    Myself (Male, UK Citizen) & my partner (Female, Canadian Citizen) are in the process of putting together our conjugal sponsorship visa with plans to submit very soon. I did the IEC visa for two years, during which we met and fell in love. We have been together for two years now (one in Canada and one long distance). I have been back in the UK working and saving for the last year and she has visited my once in that time. We are getting really tired of being apart so i am looking to find out if me going back to Canada as a visitor and staying with her for the max 6 months will have an effect, good or bad on our conjugal sponsorship visa application. Should we submit the application first? Would an extended stay like this count as me residing in the country? I just want to go home to my partner as i have the funds to support myself with her help during the 6 months. I know the conjugal visa can take longer than 6 months to be processed and would return to the UK if this was the case but we would at least be together for half, if not most of the processing time this way. And finally would any sort of implied status be applicable if it did take more than 6 months? Thank you in advance for Any assistance/advise you kind people can offer us!

    Rich & Katie
  2. There is almost no possibility of a conjugal partner application being approved. You need to either marry or become common law partners. Conjugal partner applications are for very specific reasons and a UK and a Canadian citizen just won't qualify.
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  3. Agree with above. Pretty much zero chance of conjugal, as there are no legal/immigration barriers preventing you from marrying or becoming common-law.

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