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Can I file an uncontested divorce self represent

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Anne.hoks, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. I had walked away from an abusive relationship.
    I’ve decided to get a new life, walking away with nothing is fine, bcuz I want peace, no more insane never ending confrontations
    I left my ex 2 sets of signed divorced papers, and he sent me another set, and I also signed, after a year & a half, he still hasn’t filed the divorce....
    I couldn’t hire a lawyer as I really walked away with nothing....I can’t afford one & don’t want one...
    I’m wondering..is it possible to file a divorce, self represent (as I don’t want anything else except a certificate of divorce)
  2. Hi

    1. It can be done. Google Divorce in the Province where you are residing. You have to be meticulous and I assume you have been separated, as you state, for 1 year.
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  3. Thank you for the information.
    Yes, not only we have been separated for a year & a half, we were ‘separated’ years before my actual departure. We lived in separate rooms, separate floors, under the same roof, for years.
    I hadn’t left bcuz my son pleaded me to stay til he entered university. And I had fulfilled my promise, I left when he’s in his 4th year in university.
    My ex doesn’t want the divorce, he wanted me to stay, kept telling me : “Fxxk your happiness. Suck it up. You’re expendable.”
    I just want a divorce certificate. I just want to divorce peacefully. No more insanity

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