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Can I fax Missing document to WES

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Praveenkureddy, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I have missed to send final degree document to WES. Can i fax it or should I courier?
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  2. Hey I have the same dilemma, what did you do eventually? Please suggest
  3. Courier. If you doubt call them. Might take long but they will answer
  4. Please update us , did they accept it through fax ?
  5. I guess you can fax the documents of which they require a photocopy of. For e.g. your Degree Certificate. But they accept the transcripts attested and in a sealed envelope via post only.
  6. I just called wes Canada to confirm if I can send my duplicate degree cert to wes not my transcript pls via fax.and the customer service official that responded to me said NO its not accepted that I must mail it to them.I insisted I saw a fax number on wes webpage online but she responded by saying do I believe a web page or her that is telling sth else?.am confused.anybody pls help
  7. Did you Fax them the document or mailed it to them?
  8. I faxed them.and eventually it was accepted.I have since gotten my wes rating
  9. Do I need to include a cover letter when I send my doc by FAX?
  10. Should we email them inquiring the same or directly fax it?

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