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Can I Apply for Asylum in Canada with a Pending Asylum Decision in the USA

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Frazerdaniel, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. I came to the US with my family of 3 kids in 2018 and filed for asylum, our decision has been pending and our application for work permit has been turned down twice even after completing the 150 days waiting period.
    I have some family members residing in Canada, can I therefore cross to Canada by road and
  2. Nobody on this forum should assist you with an illegal entry. You can present yourself at an authorized border crossing and claim asylum there.
    There are no guarantees that a claim will be accepted in the end. If you leave the USA, you may not be able to return.
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  3. In a nutshell you’re asylum shopping
    And in the scheme of things you’ve only been in the United States for a year , wait times in Canada typically exceed that , as well you’re in a safe country presently
  4. My primary concern is to know if my pending asylum decision statis in the US will affect my quest for Asylum in Canada or not.
    Will I receive at least thesame level of consideration as those who never filed for asylum elsewhere before coming to the Canadian border?
    Thank you.
  5. As you know already the the present immigration atmosphere in the US does not guarantee anything, not even safety.
    After turning down my application for work permit twice and with no source of income to take care of my children it will be very difficult to continue this wau.
  6. You can certainly apply for asylum in Canada provided you are able to demonstrate the family connection in Canada when you apply (you'll want to make sure your family members here know you are coming, are prepared to confirm you are family and you have some sort of documents to prove the family connection).

    Should should expect a significant wait in Canada (2+ years) before you'll know if you are accepted. It's possible the fact you have applied for asylum in the US could play a role in how your case is assessed here - or maybe it won't. Hard to comment on that.
  7. Also be aware the Canadian government is considering denying asylum claims to those who have claimed in other safe countries. You may find yourself with no chance at a successful claim in Canada and no possible return to the US.
  8. Is there any effective policy towards that already or it is still at the proposal stage?
  9. Bill C-97 passed June 21 without amendment. So, yes it’s in place. If you have a claim in the US, they may define a claim in Canada as asylum shopping (which it is).
  10. As it is how can I migrate Canada, what options are open to me and my family?
  11. You can see if you are qualified for Express Entry or one of the provincial nomination programs. There’s nothing stopping you from that.
  12. OK very well thank you. And can you please throw more light on the provincial nomination programs.
    I appreciate

  13. This maybe possibly true, but The Government of Canada still considers the US as a safe third country...that has not changed


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