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Can FSW land in Quebec and drive to Toronto as his/her city of dest.?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by doublemoon, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a Federal skilled immigrant and plan to land in Canada in Montreal (Quebec) as my first stop and then pick up the rental car and drive to Toronto. There is a direct flight from my hometown to Montreal but no direct flight to Toronto.
    Someone said it is not allowed for FSW to land in Quebec but someone said there are 2 different POE counter in Montreal airport and Federal immigrants just need to go to the Federal counter so he/she doesn't need to hold a the CSQ.
    Has anyone land in Quebec without CSQ and success?
  2. The challenge with landing in Montreal would be trying to convince CBSA of intention to not stay in Quebec. This is not a big deal if someone has an onward flight ticket but a completely different challenge if planning to exit the airport and simply rent a car given there is no real way to demonstrate intent to not stay in Quebec. The chances are that landing could be refused although no real way to predict.

    Other than obviously cost what issue is there with having a connecting flight even if no direct flight from home country to Toronto given that is usually an option and presents the proof that CBSA want to see.

    Anyone can of course come on here and claim they met with a sympathetic CBSA agent who they managed to convince they had no intention of staying in Quebec but that could just be a one off.
  3. Why not book an onward internal flight from Montreal to Toronto rather than drive? Allow 6 or 7 hours between flight times. That gives you plenty of proof of onward travel and you would be able to land in Montreal.

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