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Can Foreigner parents of Canadian minor student get open work permit?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by pimtmba, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Can a minor student who is eventually a Canadian citizen also, invite his/her foreigner parents to live with him/her in Canada during his/her elementary education in Canada? If yes; can the parents get open work permit to work in Canada?
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    Maybe when the student becomes a citizen, although how would they become one on a study permit . Only then when they reach 18 years of age to sponsor them for PR , but before then no.

    Best they can do before would be apply for TRV although chances of approval are slim and even so stay would likely be limited to a few months with no work.

    There is no specific program for parents to accompany minor students other than as visitors or with their own work permits applied for in their own right.
  3. No
  4. How is the child going to be eventually a Canadian citizen? If you are trying to commit birth tourism be prepared for a bill that can reach up to a million dollars. There was a woman recently with a bill for over 300K. Expect to not be able to get a TRV if you did birth tourism once. You could also be denied entry if you arrive in Canada and are pregnant even if you have a visa.
  5. I believe that the nationality of the kid whose foreigner parents were living legally in Canada at the time of his/her birth is Canada! Correct? So please don't jump directly to birth tourism and all. Question is very simple. Parents are not canadian but the kid is. Parents want that their canadian kid should get all education in his/her OWN country. Can they accompany with the kid as the kid can't live alone in Canada and he/she require full attention of parents.
  6. Thank you for detailed reply.
  7. The answer to this question is no.

    If the parents want to live / work in Canada they would need to qualify for closed work permits on their own through obtaining a job offer from an employer in Canada and that employer obtaining an approved LMIA.
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    That’s a ridiculous analogy. Basically the child gained citizenship because the parents were here legally, fine . Legally could also mean you were here legally , but gave birth . But to tie in getting a open work permit for both parents solely based upon the reason the child was born here is pushing the proverbial immigration envelope.
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  9. Did say “if”. Given your lack of knowledge about the immigration system and asking whether you could get a work permit based on your minor child who is “eventually a Canadian citizen” it wasn’t a stretch to assume that you were talking about birth tourism. S the child born? You say eventually a Canadian citizen but you also are asking about getting a work permit.

    I apologize for assuming but your situation isn’t clear. As others have pointed out, there is no benefit for having a Canadian child. They may be able to sponsor you eventually when they are an adult if a parent sponsorship still exists.
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  10. Even if the parents were in Canada (not LIVING as the parents are not allowed to live in Canada as visitors) legally, the fact that they gave birth in Canada is birth tourism. Did these parents, before visiting Canada, not KNOW that they were pregnant? So they stayed in Canada for over 10 months? No? Then it is birth tourism. They visited Canada to ensure their child was born here. THAT is birth tourism.

    Now if the only thing these parents who have no right to live in Canada WANT is to have their Canadian child go to school here, then they must find a guardian or family member who is allowed to live in Canada take care of their child for them.

    But as mentioned by others, being parents of a Canadian does not grant these parents special permits to be able to accompany their child. The choice, again, is to let the child live with someone else or wait until the child is 18 to move here on his or her own to attend college.
  11. Nowhere has it actually been stated that the parents were visitors, so you should dial it down a bit. They could have been living here as workers or students and had a child here, which is perfectly legit and not birth tourism.
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  12. Fair point. I did jump the gun there admittedly. Getting a bit too tired of the sense of entitlement I read here these days and probably assumed this based on OP’s other posts (asking for IQAS evaluations and such which is why I did not assume that OP had student/work permit before).

    Thank you for the reminder there canuck_in_uk.
  13. Yes, the sense of entitlement from some can be a bit much.

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