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Can an international student start bussiness during the university?

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by xcq5147, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am an international student in MB, and I own a local Chinese forum and a moblie APP.

    Now, They are totally free, but i wish if i can get some imcome from the Ads on my forum or APP.

    The problem is I am not PR and I did not want to get trouble in the trade, which will effect my immigrant in the future.

    So, I wonder if i can start a business(Partnerships or Corporations) during my university. Do the deal within the company and standard


    I have SIN which begins with 9, but i do not have off-campus work permit.

    Well there are very limited information for the international student and i wish some one can help me out.

    In addition, It seems that i can start a bussiness with PR or Citizen partner, So is there requirement for the share for this Partner?

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  2. Great question!

    I'd like to know the answer too!
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  3. You can be a shareholder of any company in Canada without a work permit.

    To be not only a shareholder, but also a director of a corporation or partnership, you'll need off-campus work permit and you'll need to have a PR or citizen as anther director of your company.

    However, some provinces like BC does not require to have a Canadian director, but you still need to have an off-campus work permit to control it.
  4. Hi friend,

    Thanks for the reply. I have the same situation with the one who posted this topic. I am an international student here in Manitoba and just wondering if I can start my own business by partner with a Canadian citizen? I hold a Study permit as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. If your study permit was issued after the recent study permit changes (June 2014, if I remember correctly), then you should be legally able to work part-time. Check the restrictions (if any) on your study permit, and request amendment if needed.

    If you are permitted to work off-campus, then you may do so for your own company. Legally, it's no different than working for anyone else - you will be limited in the number of hours, and will need to pay all appropriate taxes.
  7. I'm no expert, but I'd get the permit just to be safe.
  8. Do you just want to sign up a business account with the CRA so that you have an HST account and such? That you can do with a 9XX XXX XXX SIN-Number. I know that because I did that and there weren't any problems.

    You MUST however apply for an off-campus work permit, unless your study permit is quite new since the newest study permits come with an automatic off-campus work permit. Applying for an off-campus work permit is a straightforward online process. The get approved within weeks.

    If you actually want to found an incorporated company, then things might very well be different, I don't know anything about that.
  9. May I know your citizenship? There might be different rules for ppl from different countries.
  10. My post is outdated. By now, it is not necessary anymore to apply for an off-campus work permit.

    Also, no there is no differences depending on citizenship. Citizenship is only relevant for the question if - in addition to your study/work/visitors permit, you also need a visa to enter Canada. However, the policies once you are in the country only depend on the kind of status you have, not on the question if you needed a visa to enter Canada.
  11. Hey,
    I just got started as a student in Canada. and I also want to register my business with a Canadian permanent residence. so can I do that or will there be any problems at the time of my PR file. I posted again because your post is outdated and I don't know if there are any policy changes. I have off-campus work permit for 20 hours a week. please reply.
  12. Just to confirm, you are not a permanent resident but on a study permit, right? And you are concerned if later it will be a problem with your PR application.

    In any case, this is exactly what I did: I was on a study permit with off-campus work permit. I already had a SIN due to another job. I used that SIN to register my business. I later succesfully applied for PR and citizenship, listing this business as appropriate. No problem at all.
  13. Hey when you registered your business did you need a Canadian citizen or PR to be a shareholder? Thanks
  14. I am in the same situation, and I would like to know if you need a canadian as shareholder, also anyone knows if later for the PR can I declare this self employment job as “canadian experience” because is going to be one of the NOCs
  15. I didn't incorporate or anything, so my business didn't involve any shareholders etc. I simply registered my business with the CRA. The only thing you need is a SIN. My SIN started with a 9 back then and there weren't any problems.

    This will be very tricky. You need proof that the work you did was worthy of the NOC you claim. Since you don't have a boss who can confirm that, you would need convinving letters from regular customers/business partners that vouch for your expertise.

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