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Buying A House



Thats not the half i kid you not there is still people in the states that think in Ontario we live in Igloos lol.But the part that gets me most is that even when i cross the border to go to work,you would never know you were not in the same country if there was no borders,other than the MPH instead of the KPH.Restaurants the same service,malls the same,people the same.
Other than some government bulls--- there isnt much diff.We both love hockey,football,and the dallas cowboy cheerleader hahahaha.


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Jun 5, 2009
In UK, the house's price is estimated by the real estate expert and according to the market. So, in practice it is a fixed price. The buyer is "fisrt come..first serve"
Not related to the original post but this is NOT true. It is not a fixed price and is completely negotiable. The rules are a bit different in Scotland than in England & Wales but still, you do not have to offer asking price.

I am hoping to get a house with my gf in the next year or two so have set up a credit card in the hopes of getting good credit with the bank