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Business Analyst or Cyber security

Discussion in 'Education' started by div26, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I am confused between which course to pursue to survive better in Canada.

    Which one will you suggest business analyst or Cyber security option.
  2. What is your background?
  3. I have completed my bachelors in electronics and communication

    Masters in communication systems from.india.

    2 years of experience in l1 network support Coordinator.

    I have good coordination and problem solving attitude.

    I am not much tech savvy and do not know programming.

    I want to know about better job availability in terms of business analyst or Cyber security so that I can do further studies.
  4. Your thinking of this in the wrong way. You should pick the program based on your skills and talent. You’re not going to get a good job if you have a degree in cyber security but aren’t good at it. Same as far as a business analyst. Doesn’t cyber security involve being tech savvy and knowing programming? Would you not qualify for PR in another year if you keep working? You are going to run into an issue getting a study permit since you already have a masters. You would have to show how another degree would lead to career advancement.

    Personally I would go into cyber security because it is a rare skill in demand but you really need to be good at it to get a job.
  5. Thank you canuck 78 for your advice.

    Pls help me with the recognized colleges for Cyber security in Toronto and Ottawa.
  6. If you aren’t good at something like programming that could be an issue in studying cyber security. Would also anticipate that it will be competitive to get into these programs. You will have to do your own research or hire a consultant if you want help finding a school.

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